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{"error":"Forbidden"} When clicking on file link

Several teachers and stuedents are experiencing the following problem when clicking on a link in the description field of an assignment. A new browser tab opens and with the following error:


That is it. If the teacher goes to the files section and clicks on the file it opens just fine.

Any ideas and/or suggestions would be appreciated

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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @cborja  Thank You for posting your question.  Do you know if this is still an issue this evening?  I ask because there were some issues with files earlier today...per Canvas Status.  But, it looks like things are now resolved.  Hope this helps, but let the Community know if you are still experiencing this issue.  Thanks!

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Thank you for your reply. Turns out the problem was a Chrome browser issue. I had to clear browser cache and cookies and that fixed the problem. Why it happened today to several teachers and a whole lot of students? I do not know. Once I sent instructions the problem was resolved.