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"force" students to read information?

I'm trying to create a class where I have information that I want to have students acknowledge that they have reviewed it. Yes I'm new to Canvas, but I have really been researching this, and just cant find a clean way... Other than making it an assignment or quiz.

Here is my thought.  I have information that might typically land on a "page", but I want to be able to review student activity and "see" that they have looked at, and how well they "understood" the information... my current solution is to create a "quiz" with all the information on it... I basically create content like it was a "page" and then have 2 questions at the end.  See commons quiz  Canvas Commons 

What I'm looking for is "Do you have a better way?"

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This is an interesting topic. Here are a few thoughts:

(1) It’s possible to set the page in a module with requirements, in which the page must be marked done. 

(2) Use H5P quiz embedded into the page.

(3) Use a mastery path in which the student does a pre-reading quiz, reads, then takes a quiz. Based on the scores then the student is sent to different set of activities.

(4) Embed a new quizzes quiz at the bottom of a page of reading (I’ve embed quizzes into a page but not with the reading above it.).

Maybe others have ideas.