re submission of assignment before expired date.

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i want to re submit an assignment, i already submitted one sometime ago re submit  i cannot how to proceed then as the expired day is tomorrow 2nd of December. 


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Good afternoon,  @dickng66 ...

Re-submitting an assignment is something that you'll ultimately need to speak with your instructor about.  At some schools, some instructors allow assignments to be re-submitted without penalty, but some instructors may have a penalty for re-submissions.  It really depends on the instructor and the course policies that he/she has in place.  Generally speaking, though, Canvas assignments should allow for re-submissions...but again, you'd want to make sure that you've spoken with your instructor to make sure that re-submissions are okay.  You can contact your instructor by following the information in this Guide: How do I get help with Canvas as a student?  Also, check out the section on "View Submission" at the bottom of this Guide: How do I submit an online assignment?.  I hope this will help, Dick.

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