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restricting student access to instructor's folders

Hi Chris,

Thanks again for the latest response.

1. So, bottom line, once students submit an assignment, the assignment file is locked.

2. Students can submit assignments and respond to discussion postings, but there’s no other “tool” for students to submit their work?


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Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @howardmichaelda  

  1. I am not quite sure what you are asking in this question, but will still give it a shot. If I miss the mark, please clarify and I will try again. Once a student submits a file to a Canvas Assignment, that file is locked and the student cannot modify the submitted file. However, the student can resubmit to that assignment as long as it is available, and as part of that re-submission, the student could download their previous submission, edit it, and re-upload it. However, as the teacher, you can see each time-stamped submission, and choose to grade the appropriate one.  Learn more at the Assignments chapter of the Instructor Guide. Specifically, check out How do I create an online assignment? 
  2. Students can submit assignments by the methods you have specified. See the Assignments chapter of the Instructor Guide. Student can participate in discussions, students can take and submit quizzes, and depending on your class policies, it is potentially possible for students to submit an assignment as an attachment anywhere in Canvas that permits attachment including Inbox messages and submission comment boxes.

In regards to the title of your question, students can only access their own files in Canvas, unless you permit them to access the course files, if that is what you mean by "Instructor's folders". The best way to manage your course files, is to make the files you want students to access available in an appropriate module, and hide the "Files" content area from the course navigation menu. Learn how at..........

I hope this is helpful,


Community Coach
Community Coach

Hi  @howardmichaelda ...

It seems that you branched off of our previous conversation we were having last evening and this morning, Restricting student access to instructor's folders...but I'm not quite sure if you had meant to create a new topic or just carry on with the other topic.  (We were wondering why you were addressing me right away in the body of your message above?)   @kmeeusen  has done a good job of answering your questions here, but if you still have questions, please let us know, and we'll try and help out.

Community Participant

Didn't mean to branch off and create confusion--sorry 'bout that.

I just posted this as a new question, and could use an answer pronto-if that's possible.

Many, many thanks.

"I've created assignments and students can use a variety of formats to submit work online, but I don't see a link (icon) on the assignment page itself for students to actually add the file.
What am I missing in the set up of these Assignment pages?

Need quick answer (if possible) Thanks!"

No worries,  @howardmichaelda .  I've answered your questions in the new thread you created a short time ago: File upload icon? in Assignments.