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self enrollment question

hello, the answer to my question is probably rather obvious, but I have been unable to find a solution that works. The self enrollment links for my canvas course do not appear to be working. They take the students to a page with nothing on it, except a message saying there is nothing there. I have looked into how to properly enable self enrollment, and I believe there may be something wrong with the links themselves. Being a first time canvas teacher user, it is probably a very simple thing i am missing, but I would greatly appreciate if someone  could help me find what it is!

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Community Coach

hi @Genericusernam 

First, are you using a school-hosted version of Canvas, or are you using a Free-for-Teachers (FFT) version?

It is likely something as simple as your course not being published, if your course is not published, then your students cannot see it. See, How do I publish a course?

If you are on a school-hosted version of Canvas you will want to talk to your school's Canvas Admin, because there could be many reasons why students are not seeing your course.

Good luck,


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Thank you very much, but I do not believe that is the problem. I have published this course. I am also using the FFT version.