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submitting personal files

Hi -- in our former LMS we had a function called Dropbox (not to be confused with the commercial tool of the same name), where each student in the course had his/her own box. Our faculty routinely have students drop one or more files into the box, which the instructor can then view. I've thus far been unable to find a feasible solution for this in Canvas. Discussions only allow a single attachment. I thought of having students store files in their personal files and link to them from a discussion reply, but students aren't comfortable having two browser windows open at once, and grabbing multiple URLS (short of handwriting them) can be arduous and prone to errors when typing them into the discussion reply.

The solution we're currently trying was to create a group composed of all students in the course and ask the students to create a folder with their name and submit the files there. The instructor can access them but is not comfortable with the several steps it takes to access the group space files and drill down to the individual items.

Has anyone else run into this and determined a good solution? Ideas?


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Adding multiple files/docs/etc requires multiple posts--inconvenient and time consuming, right?

You prefer to select multiple files and attach them to one post, correct?

Thank you for clarifying for me.

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Hi Terry-- you got it!!


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I'm eager for the Evernote LTI!

Canvas depends on us using external tools (e.g. OneNote and OneDrive, DropBox, Box, GoogleDrive/Docs, etc.) to accommodate small feature gaps like this one.

Perhaps the choice between the many steps to access files in these external tools vs. the many steps to access files in the Groups solution would convince faculty to adopt the Groups solution.

"Which less-than-perfect option would you prefer?"