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When I read a message from a student in the Inbox, on the Teacher app, it doesn't show me what class the student is in. The advantage of the Canvas Inbox, in a browser, is that it labels the course for us. The only way I see to get that information on the Teacher app is if I filter by the course before reading messages. That's clunky. *and* the current courses are at the bottom of the list (which gets longer each additional term...). Is there another way to see which course a student is in in the Teacher app when in the Inbox messages?

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Community Coach

HI @rtincoff,

As you said in your original message, filtering is the only way to identify which course for the message. 

It does sound like a really good idea though, and I'm sure that others would find it valuable too! I encourage you to create a new Feature Idea and start a larger conversation about this. If you do, please link back here to help others find your idea. Thanks.


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