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the regrade options dialog box

I am having trouble locating this box - inside the individual quiz, edit function. Please advise

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Quiz regrade is available only for Multiple Choice, True/False, and Multiple Answers question types. Also, it applies only to students who have already taken the quiz.

Note that Quiz regrade does not apply to questions linked to a question bank since questions may be used in more than one quiz. Also, adding or deleting answers from a question with submissions disables the option to regrade that question.

For regrade options to appear, you have to:

  1. Open the quiz in Edit mode.
  2. Select the new answer as the correct answer. The Regrade Options dialog box appears.
  3. Select the regrade options as required.
  4. Click Update Question and click Save.

**Regrade options will not apply until you have re-saved the quiz.

Check Canvas Documentation for more details:

Hope this helps!