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trouble putting recurrent event into calendar

I am having trouble making a recurrent event on the calendar.  I went to the guide and it said:

go to "more options"

Click the Repeat checkbox.

Note: If you cannot see the checkbox, you either selected the wrong calendar course when creating the new event, or you have not enabled the feature option in Course Settings.

But there is no REPEAT box and I went to course settings and the settings have "Recurrent Calendar events" green and checked (it does say "beta" next to it.

Any suggestions?

Don't want to have to put in each course meeting time one by one.


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Community Champion

Mine says beta as well but have no problem using it.  Wish it worked for Assignment as well but it works fine for Events. 

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thank you for your reply.  I hope someone has an answer.

Community Team
Community Team

I'm not having a problem with it either,  @kremer ​. Double-check to make sure that you've got the cprrect course calendar enabled (in the right panel of your Calendar view) and that when you click on More Options you're working in the same course that has Recurring Calendar Events enabled. If it still doesn't work, your best bet will be to submit a help ticket (How do I get help with Canvas?​).

Community Coach
Community Coach

Greetings! Are you still having this issue or has the problem been resolved?

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I never got the "recurrent event" to work for this course - It worked for other courses I am an instructor for.  For those I could see the option for checking a "repeat" box - but not for this course.  Very odd. 

We just put in each event separately. 

Thanks for following up!