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unable to add students "unable to find matches below"

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 @chofer stefaniesanders @jivedocs_unfede amara.mastronardiFree-For-TeachersQ & A have a free for teacher account and it has been working well until now.

When I was trying to add a new student, it says "we were unable to find matches below"

353085_unable to add.PNG

Can anyone tell me why? It is urgent.


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 @664755030 ‌

Our support team indicates that the issue of adding users was resolved last week, so it's not necessary to use the join code workaround. When adding a new user, this is the message that should display to the teacher:

353356_fft add users.png

This gives the instructor the option to create new users from the list.

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Hello @riboldipj ...

I'm not sure if this would apply in your situation or not, but in the June 9, 2021 Deploy Notes, there is a section on Email Addresses and Manual Enrollments:  Canvas Deploy Notes (2021-06-09) - Instructure Community.  Per these notes, do you know if the user confirmed his/her e-mail address first before you added that person's e-mail address to the course?  [I experienced a similar issue a week or two ago using a dummy e-mail account (made up e-mail address), and because the e-mail address was made up, I technically could not confirm that the e-mail address was legit because the e-mail inbox doesn't actually exist.]


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I am dealing with the same thing. Very frustrating. I have had this canvas for my school for 2 years with no problems. They do an update and now it don't work. I can't add my student for class now...smh

Yes, very frustrating. I am doing a PhD and I have recruited all my participants, but I couldn't add some of them to the system. I searched and there have been no such problems or solutions. I feel I got stuck here. 

It's so weird that you could add some, but not others.

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Same situation here! I am using Canvas for the first time as a teacher and feel very frustrated. I hope it works soon.

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Same issue. What has happened to the open enrollment through e-mail option?

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I started running into this problem yesterday, just once, but today it's happened with several students.  Also students who have received the invitation are unable to connect as well.

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Gosh, this is horrible news. I did not know if this had affected my participants or not as I am not their teacher. I am a researcher and they participate in my project. We do not communicate much. This is horrible timing for me! I would be so angry if this has an adverse impact on the outcomes of my project. Where can we report this problem? 

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Can we all launch support tickets to get some attention and hopefully get this sorted out? I am trying to find how to report this. 

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Same here. No solution found yet... But this prevent courses with CANVAS....

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I have the same situation. What I did was to create a class code and sent it to my students' email addresses. So now they are enrolled. Go to Settings and mark the option of creating a class code to join the class. This will do until the usually email-adding is solved.

Hope it's helpful.