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(very) odd embedded image behavior

Uploaded some .png file images to my Canvas files, then inserted them in my lesson. Thought all was honky dory until I opened up the browser today and saw this:

262443_Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 4.57.04 PM.png

Since then I've tried all manner of things to solve and I'll spare you the details but the bottom line is this: sometimes when I visit the page everything looks fine, and sometimes it looks like what you see above. I cannot find any kind of pattern so hoping someone has seen this kind of thing before. 


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We are experiencing the same thing. Sometimes the images appear later the same day without clearing the cache. Sometimes only the image names show. 

Community Member

I just started having this issue at UW Madison. I will try clearing my cache - very annoying!

Elizabeth Oseid

Community Member

Have there been any updates to this problem? Experiencing the same thing here in 12/2020.