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video quiz problem

I have decided to you the Canvas video quiz function. I created my video quiz and embedded it into an assignment page. It works great! However, once a video quiz has been embedded into an assignment, it appears that it is no longer possible to edit the assignment page. The EDIT button is no longer present. The only one present is EDIT SETTINGS. But what if I need to change something in the assignment – as simple as fixing a typing error?

This restriction seems ridiculous, so I am sure I am missing something. Does anybody know how to edit an assignment through the Rich Content Editor after a video quiz has been embedded?



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Vicky ( @victoria_jordan  ), how are you accessing the assignment?

If I go to the Assignments page and find the assignment, there are buttons for "Edit Assignment Settings" and "SpeedGrader". When I click the Edit Assignment Settings link, the Rich Content Editor is available for me at the very top before the settings to edit the instructions.

This doesn't have to be done from the Assignments page, it worked for me from the Modules page as well.

This is not specific to video quizzes. It happens with any external tool assignment, of which Studio Video Quizzes are one type.

Another trick you can use is to add /edit to the end of the assignment URL. If you have a location that ends with /courses/xxx/assignments/yyy (where xxx and yyy are numbers), then you can just type /edit at the end and hit enter and it will allow you to edit the page.

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Thanks James. I see that now and I can edit the info via the Rich Content Editor.

However, my problem still persists. The video quiz does not appear in the page after I select EDIT SETTINGS.
That means that I cannot move the video quiz to some other location on the page. It is at the bottom and I can't see how to move it elsewhere on the page.

Any ideas?

Thanks again for your help.


Vicky ( @victoria_jordan ),

If you want the video quiz to count for a grade, then you are restricted in what you can do. The video quiz is an external tool and there is no way for you to change the location of it by editing the contents using the Rich Content Editor (RCE) as it is not inserted into the RCE. What you are doing with the RCE is modifying any instructions or supplemental information that you want to be included with the quiz. This is the same for all external tools. You cannot control what or where the external tool shows its information. This includes the size of the video, which is part of why I stopped using them (they were too small -- I wanted a normal size video for a grade).

If you do not want the video quiz to count for a grade, then you can embed the quiz anywhere the RCE allows. If you create an assignment, page, quiz, or discussion (anywhere with the RCE), you can put the video anywhere you like. But if you create an external tool assignment so that the grade from the quiz will go directly into the gradebook, you don't have any control over the placement.

The notes at the top of the How do I embed a Canvas Studio video quiz in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor? lesson from the Canvas Studio Guide explains.

In Canvas, instructors, teacher assistants (TAs), designers, and Canvas Studio account admins can embed video quizzes from Studio in any feature area that contains the Rich Content Editor, including Assignments, Discussions, and Pages. Media is embedded using the Studio LTI tool.

Embedding a Canvas Studio video quiz in the Rich Content Editor will not post grades to the Gradebook. To post grades to the Gradebook, create an external tool assignment.