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what is ETEC177 and ETEC105 is all about

what is ETEC177 and ETEC105  is all about

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Hi isidro, and Welcome to the Community!

This is a general online community for all Canvas Engineers, Admins, teachers, designers (and students), and is a great resource for everything related to Canvas. However, this is not a regular student support site, and we are not able to answer Institution/School specific questions about curriculum, offered courses, or specific procedures or operations of your institution.

I would suggest that you look those courses (ETEC177 and ETEC105) up in the school catalog/schedule, or check with your schools Registration or Advising departments.

Please do come back to the Community for any questions or issues regarding Canvas or any integrated technology tools and their functions.

I hope this gets you pointed in  the right direction!

Community Coach
Community Coach

 @i_marcos5037 , greetings and welcome to the Canvas Community! I'm not sure if you realized it or not, but you posted this question to the global Community of all Canvas users. This question seems very specific to your school, so the best person to answer this is a teacher or adviser. Here's the link to advising at your school - Edmonds Community College: Advising and you should be able to contact teachers through the Canvas Inbox or your school email.

Yet, I did a quick search online and also found the following information about the two courses you are interested in:

ETEC 105 - Introduction to Electronics

5.0 Credits 
An introduction to current, voltage, resistance and power, electronic schematics, components, and test equipment. The course includes lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on training. Provides training in basic academic skills.
Prerequisite EAP 100 or BRDGE 090 and placement into MATH 077.
Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Take effective lecture notes in a technical class.
  2. Research a component, concept, or problem on the Internet.
  3. Operate basic electronic test equipment.
  4. Use a formula to solve for an unknown quantity.
  5. Build a circuit from a schematic diagram.
  6. Identify most components on a circuit board.
  7. Use engineering and metric notation in calculations and descriptions of electrical quantities.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of electrical quantities.
  9. Write up a lab exercise following a specific format.

ETEC 177 - Robotics 1

5.0 Credits 
Through the use of projects and hands-on exercises, students will learn to program a small scale robot to perform basic navigation under program control, with various sensor inputs, using feedback and control techniques.
Prerequisite ETEC 105 or ETEC 161 or concurrent enrollment or instructor permission.
Course-level Learning Objectives (CLOs)
Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Program a microcontroller.
  2. Describe the operation of a servo motor.
  3. Demonstrate the use of different types of basic sensors.
  4. Troubleshoot the software and hardware of a small robotic system.
  5. Program simple artificial intelligence into a robotic system.
  6. Write and execute a variety of programs for robotic navigation.
  7. Implement the use of a new microcontroller platform into an existing robot system. 

These look like pretty interesting courses and I hope this information helps! 



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Hi  @i_marcos5037 and welcome to the Canvas Community.

From your email and your question I am assuming you are a student at Edmonds Community College. The items you are asking about appear to be courses at the college and not necessarily related to the Canvas community. ETEC 177 is a robotics course and ETEC 105 appears to be an into to electronics course. I would suggest you contact the college for more information about these courses and encourage you to reach out to the community again when you have Canvas related questions.

Hi thanks for your prompt reply. Just for your info I have already a degree

in Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, however, I graduated from

an old school way back 1978 and during my time we do not have much

background in computer, however, I am still very much confident in

Mathematics, Thermodynamics, Engineering Mechanics and other major

Mechanical Engineering subjects. As such, I just want to know more about

Robotics. I am a student of Edmonds Community College under a non-credited

program being a Senior Citizen.

I would appreciate if you could give me more information about ETEC105 and

ETEC177 for these are the prerequisites in taking Robotics subject.

I have attached herewith a copy of my transcripts of records for your


Thank you.

Isidro J. Marcos

Community Champion

Hello  @i_marcos5037 ,

While I understand that you are a student at Edmonds Community College, you are posting in the public Canvas Community forum where all things related to Canvas are the focus. I would suggest that you give the good folks at Edmonds Community College a ring to discuss your needs for more information on the robotics courses. We don't have any of that information as we are the Canvas Community. I would also suggest that you may want to delete your previous post that includes your transcripts. Nobody here should have access to this material. 

 @i_marcos5037  Welcome to the Canvas Community! orwinr‌ has given you good guidance (thanks, Randy!); you'll need to contact your school directly to get these questions addressed—and as you may not have realized that you published your transcripts to a public forum, we've already removed the transcripts on your behalf.