Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (iOS 3.12)

Instructure Alumni
Instructure Alumni

In this update, the Canvas by Instructure app supports push notifications, profile picture enhancements, and landing pages in the app. This release also includes an updated Courses page to compliment the Dashboard in the new Canvas User Interface browser version of Canvas.


Download the Canvas by Instructure app in the iTunes Store. Version 3.12 requires iOS 8.0 or later.


  New Features




Courses Page

The Courses page has been updated to display up to four icons representing course interaction features: Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Files. For institutions that have enabled the new Canvas User Interface in the browser version of Canvas, this change compliments the Dashboard with a more similar display, including changing the course color.


Users on any device can also show and hide grades in the Courses page, as well as manage favorite courses and groups. iPhone users can also choose course colors.





Profile Pictures

For institutions who allow profile pictures in Canvas, instead of uploading a new or existing photo, users can create a panda avatar, complete with various head, accessories, and clothing styles. Users can share their avatars with others or set them as their profile pictures.


Users can also add a cover photo to their profile that appears behind the profile picture.


As with other profile pictures, changing a profile picture within the Canvas app also applies to the browser version of Canvas. Profile pictures are also subject to any profile picture settings for the institution.



Landing Page

In Settings, users can select their own landing page for the app. The landing page is the page that is displayed when users first open the app. For a landing page, can choose from the Courses list, Calendar, To-Do List, Notifications, or Messages.



Push Notifications

The Canvas by Instructure app supports push notifications. Push notifications allows the Canvas app to send notifications, even if users have not opened the app on their device.


When a user opens the Canvas app, the app registers push notifications in Canvas. In the Notification Preferences page, users can select a communication channel and select the notifications they want to receive for that channel. They can also set notifications for all devices.




Selecting a notification preference means the notification will be sent ASAP; not selecting a preference means a notification will never be sent. Daily and weekly notifications are not supported on mobile devices.


Any preferences changed in the app will also be applied in the browser version of Canvas. However, once push notifications are enabled and if a user changes preferences in the browser version, Canvas notifications will be sent as a daily digest.

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