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Community Team
Community Team

Canvas by Instructure Release Notes (iOS 3.13)

In this Canvas by Instructure update, the app supports Next and Previous Modules navigation and multiple grading periods.


Download the Canvas by Instructure app in the iTunes Store. Version 3.13 requires iOS 8.0 or later.


  New Features




Multiple Grading Periods

If a course is using Multiple Grading Periods, the Grades page shows assignments and grades within the current grading period.

If a course is not using Multiple Grading Periods, the Grades page continues to show the overall grade for the course.





Next and Previous Buttons

When viewing module content, users can advance through module items by clicking the Next and Previous links at the bottom of the screen.



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50 Replies
Community Champion

Great news!

Community Champion

Nice update.

Community Team
Community Team

My students have been asking for both features. Thank you!

New Member

The module feature will make it much easier for student to progress through the modules on an iOS device. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Community Champion

I just downloaded this, and I'm not seeing the NEXT or PREVIOUS icons in a course that has Modules.  (And I'm logged in using a student account.)  Anyone else having this issue??  (For the record, I also recently updated to iOS 9.3 on my device.)

Community Contributor

Excited to see support for multiple-grading periods in the app!

Community Champion

So happy there (will be) a NEXT and PREVIOUS. @kblack ​, I ran the updater too on my iPhone and verified the version under my Profile in the app and it's not working yet for me too.  Going to restart my phone a couple times but would love to hear a confirmation of someone that has seen this feature.

- Melanie

Community Team
Community Team

Hi all,

It looks like there is a current issue where the Next and Previous buttons are conflicting with the sharing function in modules. Some devices have one working where the other is not. Our support team is working on it!



Community Contributor

I updated to iOS 9.3, and the 3.13 app, and I have the previous and next buttons (iPhone form factor--haven't checked an iPad yet--suspect that it may not have the previous and next buttons because of the sidebar index being consistently visible?), but I did notice that the buttons aren't there for external URL items, and there's no way to navigate past the external URL items except to go back to the index for the module and select the next item from there. This makes navigating modules pretty confusing and inconsistent.

On an unrelated note, (and I know this didn't happen on this release, but I'm not sure when it changed), why has the app gone to Times Roman for content font? Every time I see it, I think, "Why isn't the style sheet loading correctly?" since Times Roman is usually the default font on a browser.