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SpeedGrader Release Notes (Android 1.0)

Originally posted January 13, 2015


SpeedGrader is now available for Android devices. This app is designed in conjunction with the Canvas by Instructure app and helps instructors grade assignments, quizzes, and discussions at any time on their mobile devices.


Download the SpeedGrader app in the Play Store. Version 1.0 requires Android 4.0.3 or later.


  Main Features



App Design

SpeedGrader for Android features a unified design for tablets and phones and supports both portrait and landscape viewing.


SpeedGrader’s navigation is modeled after the new Canvas by Instructure Android app and allows you to view both favorite and all courses, and change colors for your courses. The user navigation menu provides quick access to instructor account information, Canvas Guides, help with the app, and all SpeedGrader settings.





The dashboard of the app displays your favorite courses as selected either in the Canvas browser or in the Canvas by Instructure app (favorites cannot be modified in SpeedGrader). Toggle the slider in the top right corner to view all courses. Submissions are indicated by a circle with the total number of submissions in the course that need to be graded.




You can also change the color of the course by tapping the name of the course. Within the course assignment page, assignments are displayed by course color.




Assignment List

Tapping the name of a course displays the list of all assignments, quizzes, and discussions in your course. Assignment submissions are indicated by a circle with the number of submissions. If your course has sections, you can filter assignments by section in the menu bar. Tap an assignment to view the submissions.




The menu bar displays the name of the first student in the course. You can use the arrow buttons to advance forward or backward through the list of students. To view all students for the assignment, tap the name of the current student to display the entire student list. By default, student names are shown as last name, first name. You can also toggle between sorting by name and sorting by grade.




When viewing an assignment, you can use the assignment menu (or sidebar) for grading. To open the menu, tap the assignment tab. The assignment tab bounces when you first enter an assignment to help you locate the menu. Within the menu you can view the options available in the browser version of SpeedGrader. Grades supports all grade format types.


Currently, some SpeedGrader features are limited within the app:

  • Comments can only be made via text (audio and video are not yet supported).
  • When grading assignments, instructors can only use the point comment annotation in Crocodoc.
  • Assignments cannot be downloaded to Android mobile devices or viewed in other Android apps.

Enhancements to these features will be available in a future release.




You can also edit assignment settings in the assignment menu, such as the number of points, due date, and whether or not to use an attached rubric for grading. You can also mute and unmute assignments.



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