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Canvas Release Notes (2020-09-19)

Canvas Release Notes (2020-09-19)

In this Canvas release (September 19), New Analytics provides downloadable CSV files for missing assignments, late assignments, excused assignments, the class roster, and course activity data.

For API users, TLS Protocols 1.0 and 1.1 are not supported in Canvas. Institutions must update to TLS 1.2 or switch their API URLs to a legacy endpoint.


For all resources and feedback information related to this release, see the Release Resources section at the end of this document.

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New Features

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New Analytics

CSV Reports

Feature Functionality Details

New Analytics LTI

Affected Canvas Areas

New Analytics

Beta/Test Environment Support


Affects User Interface


Affected User Roles


Related Idea Conversation

Missing Assignment Report

Feature Video

Canvas New Feature Screencast (2020-09-19)


New Analytics provides downloadable CSV files for missing assignments, late assignments, excused assignments, the class roster, and course activity data. Using APIs, all reports provide real-time data except for the Course Activity report, which includes data that may be delayed up to 24 hours. Additionally, all report data is verified against user permissions.

Change Benefit

This change provides instructors with table visualizations of essential course information via Canvas APIs into a consumable format.

Affected User Roles


The New Analytics page includes a Reports tab. Filtered content for each report can be downloaded and exported as a CSV format.

New Analytics Reports TabNew Analytics Reports Tab

The Run Report button displays a filter for the report type. Reports can be filtered by assignment, section, and student.

Filter LinkFilter Link

When a filter is selected, all results for the filter display automatically in the second drop-down menu. For instance if the Section Name filter were to be selected, and the course included Section A, Section B, and Section C, all three sections would display as options to be selected from the menu.

Section Name FilterSection Name Filter

Report Types

New Analytics Reports include five types: missing assignments, late assignments, excused assignments, the class roster, and course activity. All report data is verified against user permissions, and all IDs in the reports are Canvas-assigned IDs.

Missing Assignments—displays a list of assignments that have not been submitted by one or more students. Data includes Student Name, Student ID, Course Name, Course ID, Section Name, Assignment Name, Points Possible, Due Date, and Unlocked Date.

Missing Assignments ReportMissing Assignments Report


Late Assignments—displays assignments that have been submitted late for one or more students. Data includes Student Name, Student ID, Course Name, Course ID, Section Name, Assignment Name, Points Possible, Due Date, and Unlocked Date.

Late Assignments ReportLate Assignments Report


Excused Assignments—displays a list of assignments that have been excused in the course for one or more students. Data includes Student Name, Student ID, Course Name, Course ID, Section Name, Assignment Name, Points Possible, Due Date, and Unlocked Date.

Excused Assignments ReportExcused Assignments Report


Class Roster—displays a list of students enrolled in the course or section with student contact information. Based on user permissions, data may include Student Name, Student ID, and Email address.

Class Roster ReportClass Roster Report


Course Activity—displays a list of daily user interactions in course resources, where each report entry captures a summary of user views and participations. The calendar filter only accommodates up to the past 14 days. Data includes User ID, User Name, Section ID, Section Name, Course ID, Course Name, Content ID, Content Type, Content Name, Times Viewed, Times Participated, First Viewed Date, and Last Viewed Date.

The account time zone is applied to facilitate daily views and participation aggregates. If no time zone is set for the account, the report will use the default of Mountain Time (-07/-06 UTC).

Note: Refreshed data in the Course Activity report may be delayed up to 40 hours.

Course Activity ReportCourse Activity Report




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TLS Protocol Changes


TLS Protocols 1.0 and 1.1 are not supported in Canvas. Institutions must update to TLS 1.2 by 19 September or switch their API URLs to a legacy endpoint.

TLS 1.0 and 1.1 have already been removed from both the Test and Beta environments. Institutions can use their Test or Beta Canvas URLs to test using TLS 1.2.

Change Benefit

This change ensures all customers are using the highest encryption protocols to protect user interactions with Canvas. TLS 1.0 and 1.1 protocols support usage of ciphers that do not meet modern security standards.

Affected User Roles & Behaviors


Users who rely on browsers to interact with Canvas must update their TLS protocol to 1.2, as support for TLS 1.0 and 1.1 will no longer be available. Users should ensure they are using the latest version of each supported Canvas browser. Users may be affected if applications are parsing page content or using a script against Canvas APIs. Background regarding these changes can be found in Deprecating TLS 1.0 & 1.1.

Institutions that are not able to transition to TLS 1.2 by 19 September should update their API URL to a legacy endpoint, which is created by adding legacyapi after the institution name (e.g. Legacy endpoints will be supported until 17 July 2021.

Note: Legacy URLs are only available for the production environment. 

For additional questions about this change, please see Customer TLS Protocols FAQ.


Change Log

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New Features: New Analytics

  • CSV Reports: Changed information about Course Activity report

New Features: New Analytics

  • CSV Reports: Added feature video link

Release Notes Published


Release Resources

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User Summaries

Release features are summarized for individual roles in the User Summaries page.

Canvas Chat

Want to chat with other customers about any of these features? Sign up to view and join our Collaborative Release Chats in the CanvasLIVE Calendar. Chats take place ten days after these notes are published. 

New Feature Screencast

View a screencast of all the updates included in this release in the New Feature Screencast page.

tl;dr Podcast & Blogs

Features in this release may be included in product blogs and our product podcast, the Canvas tl;dr. For related links, check the Canvas Release Archive for this release date.

Feature Enhancements

The release notes indicate available functionality for a feature. If you want to see any future development planned for any features included in these notes, please visit the Roadmap. Have an idea you don't see prioritized in the next three months? Visit the Idea Conversations page.

Feature Support

All items listed in the release notes are immediately available for testing in the Canvas beta environment, unless otherwise indicated. If functionality in the beta environment does not match the functionality shown in the release notes, please submit a support case through your institution's preferred method as shown in your Global Navigation Help Menu. The Canvas Support Team can help escalate behaviors that may need to be resolved before they are deployed to the production environment, which takes place on the date of these release notes. When submitting a case, please indicate that the behavior is occurring in the beta environment.

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The New Analytics Reports tab is not visible in our Beta instance.  Should we be seeing this feature on Beta yet? 

Hi, the New Analytics feature table notes that there is no beta support for New Analytics. All functionality will be available on September 19 as part of the release.



Will reports still include the SIS ID if the person generating does not have permission to view SIS data in Canvas.

As of Friday, all reports are verified against user permissions. (Yay!)

Dumb question alert: Apart from the SIS data - read permission, what other permissions will most likely be impacted by the addition of this report, and the downloaded data? 

Will a teacher finally be able to export group membership data with the new Class Roster export?

@martinlarsson Group data is not included in the class roster report.

New Analytics Course Activity report - Since I can’t look at this in Beta or Test, I have a few questions.

  1. Will the data include each time the student hit a specific page in the course in the last 27 days? Or does it just show the date the page was first viewed or last viewed?
  2. In the screen shot there’s a “Start Date” column heading. What does this represent?
  3. What data is included in this report that is not included in the student’s Access Report?

Missing Assignments report - The description states the data represents students not submitting an assignment.

  • So is this similar to “Not yet submitted” in Grades?
  • Or does this report only list an assignment as missing if the due date has passed and the student hasn’t submitted anything?

There’s big difference.

Hi, @Sylvia_Ami 

For the Course Activity report, the data available in the report is first viewed, section id, course, name, course id, and student id. The data in the report gets aggregated on a daily basis, where the last viewed timestamp is the last viewed within 24 hours of the date selected. So if a student viewed a page twice within the last 48 hours , there will be two entries in the report for each date, with first and last viewed for each date.

For the Missing Assignments report, it only lists an assignment as missing if the due date has passed and the student hasn't submitted anything.



Hi there, re csv reports in New Analytics, there is a mention of the account time zone being applied for daily views/participations for the course activity report. What is the impact if an instructor has set a course time zone that differs from the account time zone?

Hi @kirsten_ryall 

Course time zone is not considered as part of these reports. If an account time zone isn't set for the account, the reports will default to UTC.



@erinhmcmillan thanks for the update. Appreciated. My understanding is that all sub-accounts will take the time zone of the root account, and there is no way to update the sub-account time-zone. Which does make sense. Although not ideal for our institutions account set-up. We were relying on our instructors to manage course time zones for their region. We'll just have to be very careful with our communications about this feature. We'd have loved to have had access to this in Beta environment prior to production release. Much for us to think about. Thanks again for the update.

Will there be an option to download BOTH the missing assignments and the list of students who DID upload the assignment? This would be useful (as my class list is still changing a lot early in the semester, I don't have a full class list reduce to deduce assignment uploads from missing assignments). Thank you

@clastw This is the first iteration of this feature, so after it's available, our product team would love to hear more about your use cases for these reports. Enhancement ideas can be searched for and posted in our Idea Conversations space.



At the end of each term we have to report the last date of student participation for those students who do not earn a passing grade (in order to differentiate "earned Fs" from drop-outs.  This course activity log says it is limited to 27 days.  Will there still be an activity record for individual students, particularly whose whose last participation was more than 27 days ago?

To follow up on @Steven_S 's questions...this isn't covered in the feature video and there isn't a screenshot of the filters available. 

In higher ed, participation/last date of activity data is extremely important for federal financial aid reporting. At my institution, this date has to be entered into the SIS by the instructor if a student is withdrawn or is given an F in the class, so it's important for the entire term's activity data to be available for an instructor as well as the ability to be able to filter by student.  

I have some additional questions...

What filters will be available for the Course Activity Log report? 

If not filtering by date, will all activity in the course from the beginning of time be available? Why is the "calendar filter" limited to 27 days total? 

Can we filter by student?  


@Steven_S, Canvas Data 2 will have the same log data, so you'll be able to pull for longer than 27 days from there.

@millerjm, filters include Section Name, Student Name, and Date. The reports only support 27 days because of the data volume. The download may fail if we allow more than 27 days. Canvas Data 2 will be a more suitable solution to pull data for more than 27 days, and we will be releasing resource access data in Canvas Data 2.



@erinhmcmillanThank you for the clarification.  I was not familiar with Canvas data and so I looked it up.  It seems to be a service for admins.  This is a function required for every instructor at the end of every term, because in most courses canvas interactions are not the only type of possible participation that needs to be considered in the report. Will canvas data 2 be made available at the instructor level? (and be functional for the entire semester in which the current analytics is removed?)

The activity by date list view in the current analytics for each student has the required information, as long as that list does not become truncated by the 27 day limit.  For this specific purpose it is not essential to know what action a student took, as long as we know what day their last action was.



Hi there, may I ask a question about the Roadmap here? Sorry if this is the incorrect forum. I understand the Roadmap lists items that Instructure has prioritised for release. How are items prioritised? I haven't yet managed to connect the dots about when an item would appear on the Roadmap, as opposed to when an item would only appear in Release Notes, and not make the Roadmap. Trying to review our internal release processes at our institution, but am finding the Roadmap/Release-only to be confusing. I have done all the 'How we product' reading but still not clear.


Hi-  We don't have New Analytics enabled in production by default.  It is still a feature option.  Will this release enforce New Analytics in our Production environment?




Hi @kirsten_ryall, the Roadmap lists priorities as determined by the product team, and those items are eventually posted in the release notes once they are available. I've asked the Canvas product team to further explain the roadmap as an upcoming post in the Canvas TL;DR. The Roadmap has been up for one month, and the process is still being refined.

Hi @cvolpe1, New Analytics is in each course as a Course Navigation Link. It's hidden by default in each course. Any instructor can enable the link in a course by making the link visible. Hope that helps!


Hi, Is there anyway a student can access their activity log? I need to log all of my study hours interacting with Canvas (retroactively reconstructing this) as an actual assignment required by two instructors, so those stats would be helpful to me. Thank you!

Hi @lc944,

Sharing your use case as to why students could benefit from this information would be a great conversation to start in our Idea Conversations space! Our product managers are always interested in feature enhancement ideas.




This is absolutely perfect.  We are looking forward to using the Missing Assignment Report as soon as it become available on Saturday.   

It would be helpful to have this available at the account level.  Many times, that student, who is struggling in one class will be struggling in others.  Being able to pull the Missing Assignment report at the account level would allow us to see the 'entire' student with one data pull. 


@reynoldsn I checked on this, and you're right that what's available here isn't available to admins. I'd recommend adding your thoughts here in our Idea Conversations page, which is where our product team hangs out and they'd love to know more about your use case and need to include these at the account level.



Hi there, the file extension is missing from the downloaded CSV reports in New Analytics, when using Windows Chrome. Mac users don't appear to be impacted. I've let Canvas Support know about it, and will try and record the problem and send it through to them. Canvas Support (x2 agents) advise they are Mac users so were not seeing the same issue. A couple of my PC colleagues though did have the same experience as me. 


What browser should we be using in the interim?  I've tried explorer, firefox, and of course, Chrome.  The report is still not working as expected.



Where would be the best place to ask questions about each of these individual new CSV reports?

I have questions about the time-delay mentioned, specifically for the Course Activity report. If i need to know student activity for an entire day, does that mean I need to run the report to collect Monday's data on Wednesday after 12:01 AM? So, really, I am 2 (business) days out? 

I also wonder why, during the development of these reports, the opposite of the Course Activity report was not created? Something similar to the Zero Activity account report. Most K-12 institutions take negative attendance, and something like this angle would be much more helpful. 




Brian Mullins

@kirsten_ryall  We are having the same experience.  I am a Mac user and have no problems getting the reports, but all the PC users around me are having no luck!

@amcase Good to hear that it is not just me, or my instance of Canvas. Although I am surprised this was not picked up during internal testing. I was aiming to send out some internal communications about these new reports but will go into a holding pattern until they are more user-friendly to download.

@reynoldsn I was able to access the reports in the end by going through the Run Report process, accessing the reports from my Downloads folder, and manually adding the file extension .csv (in Chrome).

Hi, all,

Thanks for sharing your experience with these reports. @kirsten_ryall thank you for submitting a support case. Our team will get back to you when they have an update!

  • If you want to continue a conversation about these reports, I'd recommend creating a discussion in the Admin group.
  • If you have feedback about how they can be improved, please jump into our Idea Conversations area!

@brian_mullins I'll post answers to your questions once I receive them. Thanks!

For now, please see the notes for our October release: Canvas Release Notes (2020-10-17)



First question—it's not black and white when it comes to 24 h latency; here is an example to use when trying to explain the difference. Let's says yesterday, we have 2 students: an early student generates a page view at 1 am, and a late student generates a page view at 11 pm. Today, we process yesterday's pageview data and etl finishes around 5 pm. For the early student, time-delay is (today 5 pm - yesterday 1 am) = 40 hours. For the late student, in a similar calculation, the time = (today 5 pm - yesterday 11pm) = 18 hours. One more more factor is customer regions; logs are partitioned by date based on UTC. For example, Pacific Time is 7 hours behind UTC. If I generate a page view after 5 pm, it will be partitioned into tomorrow's bucket and available on Wednesday in the report.

Second question—we simply didn't want to hold up reports released by another report. We do see the Zero Activity report as our next priority for reports. Course activity included all data that could be used to derive inactive students, which is why the Course activity report went out first.