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Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.0)

Canvas Student Release Notes (Android 6.0)

In this Canvas Student update, the app supports the Navigation Bar to access important areas of the app. Global announcements can be viewed by students in the Dashboard. The Course Navigation Menu, Course Navigation items, Dashboard, User Navigation Menu, and Settings Menu have all been updated for improved usability and accessibility. 

Download the Canvas Student in the Play Store. Version 6.0 requires Android 5.0 or later.

  New Features



Navigation Bar

The Student app includes a Navigation Bar for quick access to important areas of the app. The Navigation Bar is visible anywhere in the app and includes links to the Dashboard, Calendar, To Do List, Notifications, and Inbox.


  Updated Features



Course Navigation

The Course Navigation Menu has been redesigned for improved usability and accessibility. The Course Navigation Menu provides access to all course features and the Course Home Page. This menu displays whenever a course is opened from the Dashboard. Previously, opening a course would take the student to the Course Home Page.


Course Navigation Items

Course Navigation items (e.g., Assignments, Discussions, Quizzes) have been updated to include new icons and a more accessible interface. Functionality within these items has not been affected.




The Dashboard has been updated for improved usability and accessibility. The Dashboard displays multiple columns of course cards and a link to view all courses. The Show Grades option on the Dashboard has been moved to the User Menu.


Global Announcements

The Student app displays global announcements on the Dashboard. Students can view an announcement on their Dashboard until they dismiss it or it passes its end date. Previously, global announcements could be viewed in the Global Navigation Drawer.



User Navigation Menu

The User Navigation Menu has been updated for improved usability and accessibility. Students can use the User Navigation Menu to access their personal files, manage their bookmarks, change users, and log out of the app. The Show Grades toggle button has also been added to display grades on course cards on the Dashboard.

Links to the To Do List, Inbox, Calendar and Notifications have been moved to the new Navigation Bar. Additionally, the Help link has been moved to the Settings Menu.



The Settings Menu has been updated for improved usability and accessibility. In the Settings menu, students can manage their profile, adjust app preferences, set push notifications, view information about the app, and get help from Canvas Support.


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I have students reporting errors with their displayed grade. I confirmed with on user that the grade on his course card was the grade for All Grading Periods rather than the current grading period. When opening the course and navigating to the grade page, the grade display is defaulting to 1st quarter and not allowing me to switch quarters. There were similar issues with the iOS app in the fall.

Just gotta say I love the new look in the Android app. I especially like the dashboard with my grades and then the calendar/to-do list. Beautiful app!

Cheers - Shar

Android app views of dashboard, calendar, and to-do list.


We're sorry to hear that your students are experiencing some issues with the new app update. If you haven't already, please report this issue using the Report a Problem link in the app or contacting Canvas Support.‌ I created a ticket yesterday. I'm also seeing similar behavior in the parent app. The score for my test student is the all grading period score rather than the current grading period, and in the parent app there's no menu to switch marking period and therefor no indication that you're not actually viewing the grade for the current marking period. It's frustrating because we saw these same issues with the iOS Student and Parent apps in the fall and it seems that the same erroneous logic was used in the development of this Android release.

Show Grades appears to be set to “on” by default in the Canvas Student app for Android.  

Is there a way to set the default for this feature to off?  This is a feature we would like to use in the future and for the moment it is visually confusing. 

We love the upgrade to the Canvas app!

266499_Grades auto-on in Android app.png266500_Dashboard with grades on.png

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