D-VXR-DY-01 Dell VxRail Deploy Version 2 Exam Questions

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D-VXR-DY-01 Exam Overview - Dell VxRail Deploy Version 2

This exam is a qualifying exam for the Dell VxRail Deploy v2 Certification. This exam focuses on the overall product, hardware, and software requirements to implement a basic VxRail cluster. This includes solution planning, using the VxRail Configuration Portal, hardware installation, environment validation, software implementation, solution validation, post-deployment day 1 tasks, scale out and up activities, REST API, and common issues and troubleshooting of events. The exam is divided into two parts. Part 1 has a duration of 90 minutes, and Part 2 lasts for 30 minutes. A passing score is required on both parts of this exam.

DELL D-VXR-DY-01 Exam Objectives

VxRail Physical Components (4%)

  • Describe VxRail cluster architecture
  • Describe VxRail rack requirements

VxRail Deployment Planning (12%)

  • Describe vCenter server
  • Describe physical networking components
  • Explain vSphere Distributed Switch usage
  • Describe DNS options
  • Identify node discovery options
  • Describe vSAN options

Using VxRail Configuration Tools (4%)

  • Create VxRail projects and configurations
  • Review completed configuration for implementation

VxRail Hardware Installation and Initialization (8%)

  • Describe VxRail system installation procedures
  • Installing and cabling VxRail cluster hardware
  • Configure VxRail node iDRAC and system time

VxRail Network Environment Requirements and Initialization (8%)

  • Configure VxRail network settings
  • Validate the network environment manually

Deploying the VxRail Cluster (24%)

  • Perform a VxRail initialization with a VxRail managed vCenter Server
  • Perform a VxRail initialization with a customer managed vCenter Server
  • Perform a VxRail initialization with vSAN ESA

VxRail Post-Deployment procedures (18%)

  • Perform post-installation validation of the VxRail cluster
  • Configure required vSAN settings post-deployment
  • Configure native backups

VxRail Cluster Upgrade and Expansion (10%)

  • Describe VxRail upgrade requirements and activities
  • Describe VxRail scale-out best practices
  • Describe the cluster expansion process

VxRail Troubleshooting (6%)

  • Perform VxRail log collections
  • Using VxRail troubleshooting resources
  • Troubleshooting using vSAN tools

VxRail REST API (6%)

  • Identify REST API functionality available in VxRail
  • Use VxRail REST APIs to perform tasks