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i am trying to connect  to canvas and it keeps saying access denied 

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Importing from Canvas is different than connecting to Canvas, so I'm not sure which one you need help solving. Can you please provide a better description of what you are trying to do and what is not happening?

Your description seems to imply you are having issues with logging in. However, you were able to get logged into this community to ask for help. I am wondering if it might be related to what URL you are using to access Canvas. Our district has a unique login for Canvas. If I do a Google search for Canvas, the default link that comes up will not work for me. I have to access Canvas using the Portal our district set up. I'm not sure if your school also has a portal, but if you are typing that you forgot your password and you are on the default Canvas URL instead of your school's portal link, you will also not receive an email. Our district puts the link in various places because it is such an common mistake students make.

Considering that, I would suggest reaching out to your district/university's tech department. This is a Community Forum in which none of us would have the access necessary to help you with logging in. At best, if you were able to give us more information and maybe a screenshot of what is going on, is help you determine a possible course of action to resolve your concern.


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