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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.0)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.0)

In this update, the Canvas Student app supports global announcements, course invitations, late policies, and the User Navigation Menu. The Dashboard and Course Navigation Menu have been been redesigned for improved usability and accessibility. Admins can use the Act as User link from the User Navigation Menu.

Download the Canvas Student app in the iTunes Store. Version 6.0 requires iOS 10.0 or later.

New Features



Global Announcements

The Student app supports global announcements in the Dashboard. Students can view an announcement in their Dashboard until they dismiss it or it passes its end date.


release-notes-feature-idea-icon.png Canvas Community contributions:


Course Invitations

The Student app supports course invitations. Course invitations display in the Dashboard and can be accepted or declined.


release-notes-feature-idea-icon.png Canvas Community contributions:


Late Policies

The Student app supports late policy rules for assignments. Late policies can only be managed using the new Gradebook in the browser version of Canvas. Assignments that have been assessed a late penalty will display the final score, which is the score given by the instructor minus the late penalty.



User Menu

The Profile icon has been replaced by the User Menu icon. Students can use the User Menu to access their personal files, display grades on the Dashboard, get help from Canvas Support, change users, and log out of the app.

Students can also access Gauge, Arc, and Commons from the User Menu.


Updated Features



Course Navigation Menu

The Course Navigation Menu has been redesigned for improved usability and accessibility. The Course Navigation Menu provides access to all course features and the Course Home Page. This menu displays whenever a course is opened from the Dashboard. Previously, opening a course would take the student to the Course Home Page.




The Dashboard has been updated for improved usability and accessibility. The Dashboard displays multiple columns of course cards and a link to view all courses. The Show Grades option in the Dashboard has been moved to the User Menu.

The Courses icon in the Navigation Bar has also been renamed as the Dashboard icon.




Act as User

Admins can use the Act as User link in the User Menu to masquerade as a user in the Student app. While acting as the user, a magenta border and the user's Profile icon displays on every page. Previously, admins could act as a user by double tapping in the profile page of the admin or user.


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Hello all,

You may have noticed that this version of the Student app jumped from version 3.20 to 6.0. Don't worry; you didn't somehow miss two app versions over the weekend. Our team decided to skip versions 4 and 5 and name this version 6.0 for consistency with the app available for Android devices. In the future, many of the new and updated features for both iOS and Android will be released under the same version numbers.

Have a great day!


Oooh, global search improvements AND adding course invites to the app in the same week? You spoil us ❤️

Thank you for making attachments on events visible in the new version!  

Will Global Announcements in Canvas Student trigger a notification on the iOS device? (And what settings would the student enable to see them?)‌ - Thanks for explaining the changes with the version numbers! I think it makes a lot of sense to align iOS and Android releases that way.

As a teacher at a school with 1:1 iPads, both the Global Announcements and the Course Invitations update will be really helpful. I can't wait to hear what my students say about the updated features in courses and on the dashboard.

This process provides a great avenue for communication as well as documentation of semester course grading. It IS possible to teach an "old dog new tricks"!

Hi Marc,

The Announcement option in Notification Preferences only relates to course announcement. So it is my understanding that global announcements will not trigger a notification in the Student app. They would need to open the app and view their Dashboard to see the announcement.

I really like the new layout and bringing the version number into alignment with Android.

Acting as another user isn't working for me, but it will be great to have when it does! 

An LTI that we developed in-house and hide from students via Javascript via the Canvas theme editor is displayed to students in the app navigation. Fortunately, we have it coded so that they will be denied access should they try to use it., if possible at your institution, open a Canvas Support case on this issue. We went through similar steps when the Android app was showing non-student LTI tools to students; opening cases helped prioritize the fix for that. 

Looks like some great additions and changes!  I love the fact that the app is getting better all the time!

We are entering a ticket on the new version but we have students reporting that the calendar is freezing and that cannot switch from day to day.  Anybody else? 

Just noticed there is now v 6.0.3 released 22 hours ago.  We are asking users to update to that and try. 

GREAT news that you've added Global Announcements (and just in time for the TurnItIn outage the Saturday before our finals week starts!). And course invitations is a perennial ask from students! Thanks for all the Mobile love!

Yes... it appears that we have another fail from Instructure QA testing. If a student is running on any version of iOS older than 11.2.6, the app will do one of three things:

1. Crash (most of them)

2. Freeze the Calendar (if they're not crashing)

3. Slow updating

It also appears that Instructure has removed multi colors from the calendar to indicate that different courses have items on the calendar... this is causing much consternation among our students as they used the colors to easily indicate that they had items due from different courses.

The App Store indicates that the new Canvas Student app is compatible with iOS 10 and higher.  But we have users reporting freezing and crashing - just trying to get to the root cause. 

When will we see these updates (like student view) on the android app?

Rats. Thanks. We're reviewing how we push notifications to students in light of a recent lockdown on campus. 

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