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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.3)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.3)

In this update, the Canvas Student app supports sending mobile page views to Canvas, attaching user files from the Rich Content Editor, and deleting other users’ comments and annotations in DocViewer.

Download the Canvas Student app in the iTunes Store. Version 6.3 requires iOS 10.0 or later.

New Features


Rich Content Editor

User File Attachments

The Rich Content Editor supports attaching images from User Files by tapping the Image icon in the Rich Content Editor and selecting the My Files option.

282297_image-icon-rce.png 282298_my-files-rce.png

release-notes-feature-idea-icon.png Canvas Community contributions:


Mobile Page Views

The Student app supports reporting mobile page views to Canvas. Canvas admins can track mobile page views in the Page Views section of a student’s User Details page. Each page view in the Student app is assigned a URL that corresponds to a page in the web view of Canvas.


Mobile page views are only sent to Canvas from the Student app when a student leaves, or backgrounds, the app.

Updated Features



Delete Annotations from Other Users

DocViewer supports deleting annotations and comments made by other users. In order to delete an annotation or comment, a user must have the appropriate permissions.

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Building a on comment by nlatimer‌ in the feature idea: Can the following statement in the release notes be clarified?

Mobile page views are only sent to Canvas from a student’s mobile device after the Student app has been closed.

Apple doesn't recommend forcing apps closed in iOS. Might there be other conditions, such as "app returns to foreground", during which page view data will be sent?

Hi Rob,

I can help clarify this. The app doesn't need to be force closed in order to send page views to Canvas. Users would just need to do a soft close, or background the app. I can work on that terminology and update the notes.

Thanks, Assuming "background the app" means the normal way users switch to other apps or the Home screen, this is reassuring news.

Has anyone had the problem of the app logging people out since the update? 

Yes, every time we close the app.  Have been in touch with Canvas support and they are going to release a fix in version 6.3.6 but they are not sure when it will be available in the App Store.

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