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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.5)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.5)

In this update, the Canvas Student app supports redesigned Syllabus and Quizzes pages. Additionally, the app supports Siri shortcuts for course grades, opening augmented reality files, and double tapping to use the Apple Pencil eraser.

Download the Canvas Student app in the iTunes store. Version 6.5 requires iOS 11.0 or later.

 New Features



Augmented Reality Support

The Student app supports viewing augmented reality (USDZ) files. When a student taps a link to a USDZ file, they can select to open that file in augmented reality by tapping the Augment Reality button. This allows users to preview objects and place them in augmented reality using Apple’s AR Quick Look tool.


AR Quick Look requires iOS 12.0 or later.


Siri Shortcut Support

The Student app supports enabling Siri Shortcuts to quickly check grades for any Canvas course. Shortcuts can be added from Siri & Search settings or by asking Siri.



Siri shortcuts require iOS 12.0 or later.

 Updated Features



Apple Pencil Double Tap

The Student app supports double tapping an Apple Pencil to toggle between using the pencil and the eraser.


Quizzes Page Redesign

The Quizzes page has been redesigned to provide more information and improved usability. In addition to the title and due date that were previously listed, each quiz displays the total points possible, total questions, and the time the quiz will be due.



Syllabus Redesign

The Syllabus has been updated for improved usability. This change allows students to view the course syllabus immediately after tapping the Syllabus link in Course Navigation. Previously, students had to tap an additional link to view the syllabus.


The Syllabus page includes tabs to toggle between viewing the syllabus and the assignments list. If a course does not have a syllabus, the Syllabus page will only display the assignments list.


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I apologize - I don't personally use the Student App much -- but this feature sounds cool.  Before I share with teachers, can you tell more about how this is used?    How does a student use the Apple Pencil/eraser in Speedgrader?


Apple Pencil Double Tap

The Student app supports double tapping an Apple Pencil to toggle between using the pencil and the eraser.

Whoops! Sorry about that mix-up, That heading should say Assignments not SpeedGrader.‌ The use case for students would fit with what is included in How do I submit a PDF assignment with annotations in the Student app on my iOS device?‌ for devices that support Apple Pencil.


Ahh, that makes sense.  Thanks!

Am I the only one that thinks that "right before finals" is the wrong time to be releasing big changes to the Quizzes pages?





Thanks for leaving this comment and sharing your feedback about this update to the Student app. While the Quizzes page has been redesigned, no functionality changed and more information is available to students at a glance. Once a student, actually taps the name of a quiz, everything involved with taking the quiz will look exactly the same.


Hi, any reason you can think of that the syllabus shows as above on an iPhone 6s+ but not on an iPhone SE (just get the assignment page without the syllabus info)?

Both on version 6.5.4 and iOS 11,

Are you looking at the same course on both devices? When only the Assignment list displays, this typically means that there is not a syllabus in the course.


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