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Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.6)

Canvas Student Release Notes (iOS 6.6)

In this update, the Canvas Student assignments details page has been redesigned. As part of the redesign, the assignment submission process in the Canvas Student app and from third-party apps has been updated. Additionally, students can launch external tool assignments and view rubric criterion details within the app.

Also in this update, the Canvas Student app now supports side-by-side split screen on iPads. 

Download the Canvas Student app in the iTunes store. Version 6.6 requires iOS 11.0 or later.

 Updated Features



Assignments Details Redesign

The Assignment Details page has been redesigned to display all assignment information, including due and availability dates, grades, and assignment description, on one page. Students can also submit assignments from the details page. 

The details page also includes a Submission & Rubrics link where students can view assignment comments, files (including assignment submissions), and rubrics.

This update simplifies the details page and streamlines the assignment submission process for students.

Assignment Details PageSubmission Details Page

Assignment Submissions from Third-Party Apps 

When viewing a file in a third-party application, students can submit an assignment from within the application. 

When students submit an assignment from a third-party app, they can select from a list of their active courses and then select an assignment in the course. Students can also leave comments on their assignment submissions when submitting from a third-party app. 

This simplifies file sharing and file uploading from third-party applications and streamlines the assignment submission process for students. 

Third-party Assignment Submission

Launch External Tool

External tool assignments display a Launch External Tool button that opens the tool in a browser page. Students can launch the tool, complete the assignment, and then submit the assignment.

This simplifies external tool assignment access and completion and streamlines the assignment submission process for students. 

Launch External Tool from Student App


Rubric Criteria Details

Students can view rubric criterion details in the app. When viewing an assignment rubric, each criterion displays a Description link where students can view the long description for a rubric criterion. This clarifies assignment grading expectations for students. 

View Criterion Details

 Other Updates


iPad Split Screen

Side-by-Side Split Screen

Students can enable side-by-side view when using the Canvas Student app on an iPad. This allows students to view and use the Canvas Student app simultaneously with other iPad applications. 

Canvas Student App Split Screen iPad

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The submission flow for 3rd party apps is SO MUCH EASIER NOW! Thank you for the update and focus on feedback and rubric accessibility.

One feature that appears to have been removed is when submitting media recordings. In the past, you could assign a media recording and students could upload media from their camera roll or choose to record audio/video. The upload option was great because then student submissions could be viewed in the SpeedGrader in order to provide feedback without needing to download the file each time. The audio and visual quality is also much higher if recorded on the camera app first. Now the only options are to record audio or video and you cannot upload. 


Using Safari, you are still able to upload to media recordings. It would be great if the Canvas Student app retained that functionality.

324243_Screen Shot 2019-09-16 at 7.45.14 PM.png

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