Canvas Studio play bar covers part of video

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For my class, my students watch lecture videos with quiz questions embedded throughout. I upload these videos to Canvas Studio, use the "create quiz" feature to embed questions throughout the video, then create the assignment using the "external tool" submission type.

Some of my students want to type notes on Word while the video is playing, but if they press the pause button, the play bar covers part of the video. If they put the video in full-screen mode, the play bar is no longer an issue, but then the students can't type notes simultaneously. Is there a workaround that will restrict full-screen mode to part of their screen? Or is there a way to make the play bar disappear while the video is paused?

The videos have already been recorded, and there is quite a bit of important information that appears near the bottom of the screen (where it will be blocked by the play bar when paused).


Thank you!

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