Why is my high-quality video in low quality on Canvas Studio?

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I am a student.

For some reason, when I upload a video file (.mp4) that I recorded on my laptop from Screencast-O-Matic Free Screen Recorder to Canvas Studio, the video quality is much lower than that of the original video file. There is also no option to change the quality on Canvas Studio. The settings menu does not appear on the video whatsoever.

I used both Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to upload the video to Canvas Studio, but the low quality issue still remains.

The original video file quality is 768p (the resolution of my laptop that I recorded on) and it is 853 kb. But when I downloaded the Canvas Studio modified video, I saw that the video was 360p and 462 kb.

Is there any way I can upload my video to its original high quality on Canvas Studio instead of Canvas Studio compressing the video to low quality?

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Community Coach

Hi there, @Shareef_Naeem9 ...

As a Canvas administrator, this often happens to me as well when I record a video in Studio.  Try waiting for a day (or at least the next morning), and more than likely the video you added to you Studio library will have a much clearer picture.  I think videos just need some additional time to process on the Studio server.  It's a little frustrating at first, but it's good to know that videos look better the next day.  I hope this helps a bit!

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