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I have been experimenting with Studio for a bit and found it useful for my own recorded videos, but frustrated with the loss of captions when using YouTube videos through it.  This seems like a huge missed opportunity as I would love to add annotations and quizzes to these videos.

I wanted to check on some better options than uploading a file since I cannot create a VTT or SRT file at all.

What would the legal policy be on using Studio screen capture to record a playing YouTube video?  I experimented with one and played around 25 seconds, filming it.  It uploaded and then it did let me do the automatic captions which I could edit.

I suppose this likely breaks some copyright law, but I would want to see more support for this from Canvas.  Captions are needed for accessibility and the quizzing feature would be great to have in YouTube videos.

What exactly can be done about this?

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Hello @MPalazzo ...

I am by no means an expert on copyright.  I have heard from our assigned Customer Success Team, however, that there are some legal issues that prevent any YouTube captions from being carried over to Studio videos.  I would also assume that what you tried (using the screen recorder to record a playing YouTube video) would be breaking the Terms of Service of YouTube in some way (maybe because you would be reproducing it) ... so I would personally stay away from that.  You could certainly try contacting the owner of the video on YouTube to see if they would provide you with the captioning file.  Just a thought...

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For my own videos, I have been able to edit and correct the captions in YouTube. Then I upload my video from Youtube into Canvas Studio with the added SRT file.

However, I have also been flummoxed by finding YouTube videos with terrific content, but subpar captions. I also experimented with the idea of uploading those videos into Canvas Studio and fixing the captions myself. However, I don't believe that it possible.

Now, when I search for YouTube videos, I use the filter to screen for videos with correct captioning. My school library also provides Films on Demand, which has been a terrific resource. Since these videos are not my own, I use the embed codes.

The only videos I have in my Canvas Studio Library are the ones I've created myself. I also incidentally store those videos on my YouTube channel in case my district drops its subscription to Canvas Studio.


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