How do I use Canvas Studio through my Canvas Course Navigation Menu as an instructor?

As an instructor, if Canvas Studio has been enabled at the course or account level, you can view your Studio library through the Studio link in Course Navigation. This link allows you to see your course collections without having to access Studio through the Rich Content Editor. Accessing Studio through the Course Navigation Menu includes the same functionality available in an Studio Account.

Note: Students cannot view the Studio link but can still access Studio media wherever it is embedded in course content or through the Rich Content Editor.  

Open Studio Media Library

Open Studio Media Library

In Course Navigation, click the Studio link.

Note: The Studio link will only display if Studio has been enabled for your course.

View Collections

View Collections

The Studio link displays the course media uploads.

View Course Media

View My Collection

If there are no course media uploads, Studio will display a message indicating there are no videos in the course. To add media to the course, click the Add button.

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