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Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS, Android 1.0)

Canvas Teacher Release Notes (iOS, Android 1.0)

Canvas introduces the Canvas Teacher app, available for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Canvas Teacher allows teachers to manage their courses and use Canvas more efficiently from a mobile device.

Canvas Teacher replaces the existing Android and iOS SpeedGrader apps. Existing users may continue to use the legacy SpeedGrader app though it will no longer be supported. Additionally, the Android Canvas Teacher Tools app has been discontinued.

iOS Devices: Download the Canvas Teacher app in the iTunes store. Version 1.0 requires iOS 10.0 or later.

Android Devices: Download the Canvas Teacher app in the Play store. Version 1.0 requires Android 5.0 or later.

  Main Features


Canvas Teacher allows teachers to facilitate their courses on the go, both inside and outside the classroom. This app provides quick access to grading submissions, communicating with students, and updating course content—three of the most frequent course facilitation tasks for teachers—through Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, and Quizzes.

Grade Submissions

Teachers can browse submissions and provide feedback to their students with a new and improved mobile SpeedGrader embedded in the app.

View of DocViewer in student assignment submission for grading Grading in the Canvas Teacher app

Communicate with Students

Teachers can post announcements, send messages, and participate in course discussions. Canvas Teacher includes the Message Students Who feature from the web version of Canvas and allows teachers to easily send messages to students about specific course assignments.

Sending a message in the Canvas Teacher Inbox to all students A message from an instructor to a student in the Canvas Teacher app Inbox.

Update Course Content

Teachers can easily update course content such as due dates and spelling errors. They can also publish assignments, manage discussion settings, and adjust quiz options.

Assignment submission details page in the Canvas Teacher app Discussion options in the Canvas Teacher app

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The app looks great! Is there any plan to add access to modules within the app? I am thinking that availability settings might be helpful to instructors.

This looks great. One question/concern... The app allows you to change the title of the course where we restrict that in the browser. Our SIS integration controls the official name of the course, per policy. Are there any plans to have the mobile app honor the restrictions set up in the main instance?


Good question! Modules and other content features will be available in future updates.‌: the app should only allow a teacher to change the course nickname, which is only visible to the teacher and no one else.‌: I think the confusion comes because on the course settings page it uses the language "Name" not nickname.‌, actually, it does seem like that page lets you change the actual course name. This is if you go inside of the course and tap the gear icon in the top middle of the screen. Maybe this is just because I am an admin?

On Android, I clicked the gear for Course Settings and changed the course name. Refreshed my browser on my desktop and the actual course title was changed. However, I'm the admin so that makes sense. Tested the same flow on iOS with a non-admin user and nothing changed on the course. I got ahead of myself and posted without remembering I was logged in as admin. My bad.

The awesome feature is the markup. We have a lot of faculty using iPads and Pencils. They will love it.

Hi, how do you access Speedgrader within the app? If I click on course > assignments > assignment name > submission 'dashboard' (where it says the proportion graded/needs/grading/not submitted) > student name, I get to what feels like should be Speedgrader, but instead I get an error saying the the file could not be displayed. The message says to use the button below to open the file with anohter app on my phone - but it seems my phone doesn't have anything else to open the document with. Is there another way to get to Speedgrader? I can't see any of the classic speedgrader page features. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks.

Ah. That makes sense. I forgot about the setting in the course. Glad it's only available to admins. 

As for SG, it's awesome with a pencil! 

Android or iOS? 

Well done Canvas Community, and product teams who heard their requests. It's another fantastic Canvas solution - rich feedback is important to learning.

Thanks Instructure!

Because this is a mobile app, how will the analytics log the instructor interactions with the course?

Been looking forward to this for quite some time. Looking forward to playing around with the app and being able to share with faculty when the new semester starts...this can make so many lives so much easier.

Kudos, and lots of cheers, to everyone involved!

Will we be able to see the assignments that need grading on the dashboard?  

Android, thanks

My instructors don't want to use either Canvas app because they see every instance of a course they've ever taught in the Courses list, and there is no indication of which one is currently active. Is there any solution to this issue? Anything I can do on the admin backend so that they only see the courses they are currently teaching? 

I have the option to edit which courses I see in the Canvas Teacher app. In iOS, there's an "Edit" button in the upper right corner of the app. By default, it appears to mirror my Dashboard, so the courses I've hidden from my Dashboard are also hidden in the app.

Hi, all,

We're glad you are excited about the Canvas Teacher app. Release notes just focus on the functionality available in the release right now.

Please remember this is the first release, and there are lots of enhancements that can be made (and more will be added as well). A good way to make sure your ideas for enhancements are heard is to create a feature idea, which is how our product team views all ideas from you! So let our team know your thoughts and what you'd like to see as part of the app. You can learn how to create a feature idea in Priority: Canvas Teacher App section called Develop & Test.

Thank you,


Hi, Lisa,

Analytics already logs activity on mobile devices for course activity, so this app doesn't change that. Admins can also view mobile activity directly in user page views.

Hope that helps!


Hi, Kathy,

You're following the correct process (and in case you doubt you can find the Canvas Teacher guides in Guides: Mobile‌). You may be encountering an issue that relates to the assignment type. Canvas Teacher incorporates with Canvas DocViewer, so if there's something going on our mobile team would like to troubleshoot that. So use the Help feature to submit a ticket and let the team know so they can look into it.

Thank you!


When will the original SpeedGrader app be discontinued/removed from the app store ?

Hi, Sam,

It's already been removed from the app stores. Existing users can still continue to use it but there will be no further updates.



Worth knowing: Problems reported from the Teacher app are sent as emails, and are not associated with your institution. A search for the case number in Service Cloud produces zero returns. 

I'm not certain if I should file a ticket about that, or if it would break the internet. 

jen from the IT crowd saying, It's not a laughing matter. You can break the internet.

Hi, Tom,

I asked our mobile team about that and they'll take a look to see what can be done for improvement. I'd say be sure you are using your primary Canvas email address and our mobile support team can be able to associate your information with your institution more accurately. They're standing by to help out!



I did. My phone tried to default to my personal email address and I made sure to change it to my institutional email address. Incidentally, the ticket that I filed got fielded by someone who responded as if I were in browser Canvas (in spite of screenshots of the mobile app that I included). To be fair, I included a direct assignment URL in the ticket, for comparison.

I was sort of disappointed that I didn't have visibility on the case, because I wondered what sort of metadata, if any, was generated by ticket submission through the email client on the phone, but generated by the Teacher app--my guess was none. I see the regular mobile app cases all the time, and the metadata is incredibly useful in troubleshooting. 

Thanks, Tom. We do apologize for the frustration and will make sure we get this sorted out!


Thanks for that erinhallmark, the guides are really helpful. As you say, I should be reaching the DocViewer page, but there must be something wrong. I will submit the ticket to see if they can work it out.

I'm not sure we'll encourage our teachers to use the app at the moment though - it completely breaks anonymity for us as they have to access the essays they need to mark by using the student name. I see there is the option to turn on anonymous grading, but surely if this is turned on in the main site, this should continue through to the app? We would have no way of enforcing them to turn it on so couldn't risk it.

There is also no warning about muting/unmuting grades as there is on the full site, which isn't good for us either! We wouldn't want someone unmuting prematurely!

Do you know if these things are being thought about in the future updates at all?


The APP mirrors my Dashboard also @Nicholasjones (which I love)! Do your instructors use the dashboard (favorites) @Johnvonseggern?

For those of us who piloted the Teacher APP, do we just leave that alone? In other words, did that 'turn into' the official Teacher APP currently available in the APP store now? Or do we need to delete and reinstall?

And, what should one do with the existing Canvas APP (the orange one)? Does this then become "the students APP?"

Hi, I downloaded the new app (yippee!) and then tried opening the old Teacher app and got a notice that it was no longer working. I deleted it and the new one continues to work.

Thanks So much @Gregory Beyrer! This is on my list for today Smiley Happy

Will there be a pop-up or notification in the SpeedGrader app about the new Canvas Teacher App? Maybe not a permanent notification, but maybe at least for a short while. This way if instructors miss this update, they will be updated when they go into the SpeedGrader app.

I have another question... Do I have to update notifications for the new APP?

I deleted the old app and the teacher beta app. Then downloaded the newly released teacher app.

When i logged on to my computer, I noticed I had a question asked of me in a discussion. On the old app, I would receive notifications on my phone that would have alerted me that a student asked a question, but I haven't seen a notification on my phone with the new app yet today.

Thoughts on this?

I am having problems viewing assignments that need to be graded.  Smiley Sad

Hi - a couple of queries with the Android version of the App -

via Assignments... /... Submissions - I have the tool option top right corner to Mute Grades and Turn on Anonymous Grading.

With Mute Grades - will that automatically adhere to the auto mute settings when it's introduced as part of Phase 1 developments of the Gradebook?

I have to ask that as there appear to be two issues with Anonymous Grading in the Teacher App.

1) I accessed a course which had Anonymous Grading set at course level - and via the web interface of Speedgrader Anonymous Grading was forced (Hide student names in Speedgrader is checked and grayed out - and there's a tooltip saying that this must be used as 'anonymous grading is required'). However, opening the same assignment from the same course in the App - by default, the student names were not hidden - and I had to select Turn on Anonymous Grading - why's that then? Shouldn't the App inherit the same settings as the course?

2) After turning on Anonymous Grading in the App - it then hides the student names in the list. But when you're in the Canvas DocViewer - and click on 'COMMENTS' at the bottom - you're invited to Message 'student name' - i.e. the student's name that is otherwise hidden is shown to the instructor (e.g. Message John Smith). That breaks the Anonymous Grading. 

Hi, Heather,

Not right now, but ultimately the app will complement the new student and instructor dashboard functionality that will be available this fall as announced at Instructurecon.



Hi, Nicole,

Unfortunately the app has already been removed from the app stores, so we aren't able to send out an update. The SpeedGrader app will continue to work though for anyone who still has it installed on their devices.



Hi, Lenise,

This note is something that needs to be sent to our support team so they can see why the assignment is not being displayed for you. They'll be happy to look into it further.



Hi, James,

Thanks for noting these behaviors. I'll run them past the mobile team next week.




When I look at assignment descriptions, the last line of text displays only the top 30% of the line; the bottom 70% of each letter is cut off. It's the same for every course I've looked at. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Debbie

Hello Erin,

I'm relatively new to Canvas and very new to using it on my mobile device.  I just downloaded the teacher app to my iphone 6s.  it has the ios 10.3 update, but I cannot access any grading or change assignments on this phone.  When I use my old samsung tab 2.0 I can use the speed grader.  Is this purely a hardware problem, or have I done something wrong on my iphone?

Thank you,

Marc Nowak

Electrical Instructor

Lincoln Technical Institute

E. Windsor, CT

I know you can edit the list in the app, but it's not really usable when you see 8 identical-looking copies of the same course with no indication of which one is current. 

Also my list in the app doesn't quite mirror the one I see in my browser. It mostly does but I also see a handful of concluded courses for some reason. 

I wonder if course nicknames would show up in the app. Then you could actually tell them apart.

I just want to check which app you're using. Out of the two apps in this screenshot:

app icons for Canvas Student and Canvas Teacher

You need to use the yellow one called "Canvas Teacher" to grade student work. Can you confirm which icon your app matches?

That's awesome and the app will continue to iterate and get better over time. This is just the beginning! 

Course nicknames do show up in the app and you can edit them in the app as well. 

Interesting, I'll need to look into this myself, but in the meantime, I suggest you submit this feedback through the profile section of the app. 

Great question Nicole. We'll devise a plan to get the word out through our various channels at UCF.‌: With that in mind, there "should" be more TestFlight betas in the future as they add additional features so be on the lookout for those!‌: Do you have a screenshot of this behavior? 

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