An Icon Is Worth 1000 Words

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tl;dr Take this 1-question survey to provide feedback on the in-development "Buttons & Icons" maker.

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Iconography is an art, not a science.

There was time when the "Save" icon made literal sense because a user was "saving to disk" and now that important little square has been reduced to an uncredited meme.

apocryphal  joke about "kids these days."apocryphal joke about "kids these days."

For many concepts in the RCE literal icons work great: a bold B, an italic I, a little numbered list, etc. It's clear, or at least very immediately discoverable, what these icons represent. When the idea is more robust or abstract it can get trickier.

Some of you may have heard there is a quick "Buttons & Icons" maker coming to the RCE and we would love to get your opinion on some possible options for the icon as it will appear in the RCE. Please take a moment to fill out this 1-question survey to share your opinion. If you have more thoughts and feelings about this icon please leave your comments below!

Thanks for helping make Canvas more iconic.