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Will there be a plan to make the Announcements Section be viewed by students and observers? I mean, old announcements? As we implement Canvas for Elementary this school year we have seen some limitations in the announcement part in the homeroom course including the subjects inside the course (correct me if I'm wrong). To anticipate some issues like "how to view old announcements?", or "I didn't saw the posted announcement (after a few days)". I hope the development team can look into this. Adam Ware advises me to use some links on the home page which I think will be very technical to some of our teachers...


Thank you.

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We turned on C4E this week and rolled out new course shell (teachers came back yesterday). We're on the struggle bus with announcements right now. Each school has a Staff Community and with the course in the new UI, we're hearing of 2 issues from staff around the communities: 1) the announcements take up too much of the homepage and 2) as discussed above, they can't get to previous announcements. With so much information going out to teachers during the first week of school there's potential to miss important information or not be able to find it later. We're sharing directions to build a direct link to announcements on the homepage as a workaround. I know updates around past announcements are coming, any timeline for that? It'd be nice just to have a default link to the overall announcements page.