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Assignment Tab

"Assignments" are missing from the "Navigation" tab in Settings. Can this be added? Or is there a reason they are not available?

Students have access if they manually edit the URL bar to: assignments

Teachers can add links in pages/modules as well. 

It would be great to add it to the top bar:

Screen Shot 2021-09-02 at 1.23.29 PM.png

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I like that C4E focuses our young learners as they reach their assignments through the Schedule and Modules. I think one goal of C4E is to reduce the number of pathways that bring students to their assignments. By narrowing the number of navigation options, C4E keeps the essential items in view and minimizes that risk that our young learners are overwhelmed by additional elements.

@baslerdale I agree! Learners benefit from reducing pathways. If C4E would allow adding "Assignments" we would likely omit "Modules" or even "Schedules". We have a long history in our school of using Assignments and Grouping within Assignments. Yes, we could transition to using Modules but we would need to retool many courses... 

@jsailor I'm just wondering why C4E has left out "Assignments" from the navigation list in settings? And could it be added? 

Thanks, Don 
PCSD EHMS Tech Coach

@jsailor @dcrandall  First, love the C4E format. I agree with Don... I am missing the button to Assignments. I'd love for it to be right next to the Modules button. I realize this list can be recreated by the educator in Modules, but this requires extra time and effort that could easily be solved with a quick button add.

Agreed with all the people said before. Will be great to have the 'Assignments' button and save time, energy, and a couple or three more clicks.  By the way, I love the new format and interface, it's simple, clear, and easy to navigate thru.

We have found that having everything in Modules has proven beneficial for our students. Last year, students went to Assignments for some teachers and then some used Modules.  This new view always all users to have consistency through C4E.  It has greatly reduced our calls to the Help Desk for our district. 


@walkervh - I absolutely agree... having consistency helps so much when navigating Canvas. Less is more. This is exactly why I'm asking for an Assignments Tab to be added as an option so we as a district can be consistent with how we have been using Canvas. 

Our district made a decision many years ago to have teachers use the "Subject Home Page" as a weekly agenda. We build templates for the entire year that include important dates, our block schedule, links to past weeks, etc.  We like it better than Modules because it allows more creativity for the teacher. Teachers are able to add Bitmoji classrooms, animated.gif's, pictures, etc.  If we were to use Modules we would then be asking teachers to fill out the same thing in two locations. 

We use Assignment "Groups" to group assignments according to priority standards. We did this so students can see which assignments are with which priority standard. This is helpful when a student wants to know more about their current score or see growth on a standard ("Show by Type). Or it can be helpful to see assignments that are Upcoming/Overdue/Past (Show by Date). 

C4E allows teachers the ability to turn on/off all many types of tabs. Including adding links of all kinds to the Resources tab. These are managed by the teacher under <Setttings>, <Navagation>. We are just asking for Assignments to be added to the <Navagation> tab list.  Teachers/Schools/Districts can make the decision to have these turned on or off. 

Our current solution is to add an Assignments link to our Home Page. While this works it isn't as clean and not consistent with our courses. 

@jsailor I'm just wondering why C4E has left out "Assignments" from the navigation list in settings? And could it be added? 

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