C4E and "Institutional" visibility courses

We have a Canvas Orientation course for new hires and I've been creating a new course for the middle and elementary teachers that will be using the new UI. I have it in an account with C4E turned on so that teachers experience the new UI, but I tested the view today and found that users without a current enrollment in the course only see the Schedule and Resources tabs, not Home or Modules. We have the course set to Institutional with the self enrollment option turned on. I was actually testing to see how and if that Join this Course button showed in the new UI, and the loss of the 2 most important tabs was unexpected!

I changed the visibility to Public and retested, and all the tabs appeared so this seems to be a bug with Institutional courses.

Neither the Public nor Institutional setting shows the Join button. We have some work arounds to get that shared out, but it'd be nice for it to be there as it is with our other staff PD courses.

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