Features missing in C4E

I appreciate that Instructure provides the C4E disclaimer,

"This setting significantly changes the Canvas experience for students and teachers."

However, we have noticed some peculiar features unavailable when C4E is in place.

For example, the following aren't available (to my knowledge) for our students despite the fact that they are listed in the Manage Subject menu for teachers and admins,

  • Collaborations
  • Conferences (BigBlueButton)
  • Chat
  • Outcomes

These seem to be features that should have been included despite the change in user interface. 

Ultimately, I wish the global, floating horizontal menu was available in the non-C4E interface.

Anyone have suggestions or shared experiences that might add to this conversation?

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I have nothing to offer as a solution, but I also want to see those features returned. Chat is an especially challenging loss. 

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@jay_bachhuber  We believe that we have the answer to these missing features. 

Once you create a group, students get the groups button in the global navigation. That allows students to click on their specific group and have most features. 

Chat seems to be enabled through navigation. It will appear under the resources tab. 

We have a teacher testing both at the moment.

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