Home page edit button and other streamlining

I can move these to feature requests, but am posting in the forum for now since so much is still happening with C4E development.

As I work on our course templates, I find the workflow to edit my homepages a little annoying. It'd be nice for the teacher to have an Edit button on the Home page so they can edit directly from the tab with a single click. Right now, it's 3 clicks: Manage Subject > Pages > Edit. Often teachers post a weekly agenda directly on the home page and are frequently editing the page, or you find a small error on the page you can't edit it right on the spot without the additional clicking.

Secondly, for teachers, I think it would be nice to be able to lock their course navigation menu in an open position to more quickly get to those different areas of the course rather than having to keep clicking that Manage subject button. I'm picturing a slider panel with an arrow to open and close, but where open persists until the teacher closes it, at least while they have the course open. I'm sure that's a significant design change, but I think it would help streamline course editing.

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