How to set up for only one grade? Can they switch back? Availability for Student iOS app?

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I may have one of our elementary schools interested in trying out C4E with their 4th grade team only.   We have a few questions...

  • Each of our schools has their own sub account.  Would I manually create a sub-subaccount for this particular school and move their 4th grade courses to it so only those are affected?
  • Thy want to know if there are too many complications, can they switch back?  (I assume all I would have to do is move their courses back to their original sub account)
  • As all our K-8 students are on iPads (and the login process is so much easier for littles), we are eager to have this working for iOS Student app -- what is the timeline for that, please?  (Release notes don't seem to state a timeline.)

Thanks for your help!

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Hi @Hildi_Pardo 

Yes, moving them into their own subaccount would work perfectly for your situation. And yes they can be moved back if you would like. Canvas for Elementary courses are backward compatible.

Mobile updates are posted here.



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