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Important Dates not showing on the new Dashboard

We updates a test subaccount with the new Elementary Dashboard format, but the Important Dates are not displaying on the right side.  I that some I as the Canvas admin need to turn on?

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Hi, @hanceam,

Just a quick reminder that much of this is still in development. The important dates is one of the items that is not yet available. @peytoncraighill added a great post yesterday that details the timeline of the various options.  We'll continue to provide updates to the work being done through written posts and videos so that you know when to expect the various features being added. 

Hi @hanceam 

Our Overview Document is updated with every deploy; you can see what features were added during a specific deploy in the Change Log section. If you don't see a feature in this overview it hasn't been completed yet.

Hope that helps!


Important Dates have been added to our overview document and is available in beta:



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