New Quizzes and Immersive reader

Is there any talk about adding some type of reader to the new quizzes in the Canvas for Elem. design? I think this would be a huge feature for our lower grades and also help improve the course UDL.

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Hi @hsloop 

Immersive Reader does have some improvement planned, though I am not sure if it'll be incorporated into New Quizzes. Eventually it should work for assignment descriptions (but not rubrics or submission details), so we both have to see if 'assignments' also means quizzes. For that update you'll have to watch the Canvas Roadmap.



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Hello, @hsloop! We are definitely interested in the potential of adding the Immersive Reader to New Quizzes, but we are holding off even considering it until we have some flexibility in how the Immersive Reader works. Right now it's all or nothing, functionality wise, wherever we enable it. Lots of potential there though so we're keeping our eyes on it!