Specialists (Art, Music, and PE) in Elementary Canvas Courses

I am a technology integrator in the Oshkosh Area School District in Wisconsin.  We currently have 3 pilot elementary schools in Canvas, but we will have 10 more in the Fall of 2021.  The new elementary UI looks promising, but my question to the community is how do other districts organize their specialists' courses?  Our specialists teach K-5, and each have multiple schools.  Should they get a tile for every grade they teach?  That would mean over 12 course tiles.  Should we crosslist all the grades that are the same?  That would bring them down to 6 tiles with multiple sections in each.  Does anyone foresee issues with setting up specialists this way (e.g. global announcements for one school will go to students at the other)?  Is there a better way for these teachers to organize their courses?

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