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I received a question today about student feedback.

In Classic Canvas students saw Feedback in the side panel under the to-do list. How will they be alerted that a submission has a comment (K-5 students) in C4E. Right now I only see 2 spots: under the Schedule view and under the assignment submission page when you open from grades. I really like how the comment is prominent on the schedule view, but I feel new comments would get lost. Students have to scroll back to see a comment made on an assignment that was due a week or 2 ago. On the grades screen they can see clearly that the assignment has a score but there's no indicator that there's a comment and many students aren't going to open the assignment to see if there is feedback (the text is pretty small and the comment is easy to miss in that view). 

Are there any plans to make new feedback more obvious to students . I think it'd be great to see that comment right under the assignment title on the Grades, the same way it appears on the schedule tab. Along this same vein, will there be any flags or indicators on the dashboard or course card that a new grade has been posted. K-5 students don't have email.

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yes in dire need of the comments column in Grades for Elementary students.  Just finished a summer long Canvas PD for my elementary teachers who will be piloting Canvas this fall and they can't see the feedback that I give them without going through multiple steps to see my comments to them. This will be VITAL for our elementary students especially with Kindergarten and 1st grade teachers who have been taught to give video feedback!  Student Feedback.png

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also, after a lot of searching, I was never able to find where students see my feedback comments to their discussion posts or see what they posted so they know what they missed in their original discussion post.  Would be great if somehow, students can see the view that I the teacher see when I am speedgrading discussion posts. 

Sorry I keep having more to add 🤣  I did find a work-around for my teachers (who are students) in our summer PD. The following link (just change the course # inside) takes them directly to the Classic Canvas student view of their course grades where they can see the feedback. 

I probably wouldn't use this for elementary students unless I used a button to link to it on the homepage, but that would be redundant.  🙏 that adding the comments icon will be an easy fix!  😉


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No, please don't use that with your elementary students, @dsauthoff! Feedback is critical to the learning process and should be easily accessible. We have created a ticket to once again show the comments and rubrics to students in the grades tab.  

thanks @jsailor   100% agree!  one other thought with feedback.  Attached is a loom video from one of my teachers.  I made a comment asking a question on their assignment and the only way they can respond is to resubmit something.  Here is the video.

So the question is: 

Can we add an option  for students to reply to the teacher's comment?

If so, can the teacher then receive a notification or can the Grades page change to Green the way a resubmission does?

See my attached image!

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@dsauthoff, the student can reply to the teacher's comment by clicking on the feedback from their dashboard. I'll speak with our designer about ways that we can make this visible to students with the elementary view turned on since we don't show the feedback on the dashboard. We are also making adjustments to this with the assignment enhancements so that this confusion is eliminated for students by taking them to the same page whether they are looking at feedback or they are looking at the assignment details page. The assignment enhancements is currently a  feature preview that can be enabled for your account if you so wish. It is still under active development and does not yet include all functionality that the current assignment flow has available. You can read more about it in our community space here

As for the second request, users can set their notifications to receive a message for submission comments. I'll do some discovery around what we might be able to do in the gradebook to signify a new comment being added. 

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@dsauthoff, although not ideal, a workaround for Katie and the other teachers in this course until we make an adjustment could be to change their dashboard to the classic view to get to the feedback in the right-hand column and then click on the feedback from there in order to reply to the comment. 

I'll update again with what we can do to make this a better workflow and when you might expect to see that adjusted. 

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