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Students in Manually created subjects

If we have our SIS create the main course, that later becomes the homeroom, with kids auto-populated from the SIS. When teachers manually create their subject courses, is there a way for students to flow from the Homeroom down to the subjects? 


Is there a simple way to populate those subjects if there isn't a way for the students to copy from the Homeroom down?

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🤔 Good questions.

No, there isn't currently a way for subjects to inherit enrollments from the homeroom. We could probably create something like that, but that would get tricky if a student had multiple homeroom enrollments (which wouldn't be usual, but is a possibility). We'll have to think about this one. Makes a lot of sense to me. We could explicitly link subjects to homerooms, or we could explicitly link students to homeroom teachers, both of which make sense in terms of how this works in real life and neither of which exists today.

The happiest/simplest path today is to control enrollments via SIS import.

More thoughts welcome!

Here's one thing we could do: On manual course creation, have a checkbox to copy enrollments from the homeroom. If the teacher has multiple homerooms allow them to pick which homeroom. Then we'd have to come up with a way to either keep them in sync or else just tell people to manually update enrollments after the course is created. Hm.

@peytoncraighill Thanks for your response. I would think either an auto flow from homeroom to connected subjects or a check box would be great. 


The additional SIS linked (Synergy) courses throws a bit of a wrench as we were talking it through a bit yesterday. I look forward to hear what the end result is!

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We are right there with you, @berninghausen . We just do one course from SIS (Synergy) and don't see us being able to manage creating separate courses for each subject for every teacher. An auto flow would be awesome. Following this closely!

Thank you @peytoncraighill !

Where is the challenge in managing the course sync from Synergy? We use Synergy and for each section on a student's schedule with a unique course ID, there is a corresponding course in Canvas.

To use the SIS sync to bring in the different subjects, we would be adding 4 or so sections to each teacher and student for them to populate with the Teacher's homeroom and corresponding subject areas. 

It would create a big change in how we function at the elementary level in Synergy.

Interesting, so you only have homeroom in Synergy as well? We schedule students to sections of each subject. With differentiation for math, and other areas, along with state reporting requirements, we need students to be in those individual sections with the corresponding district course IDs. 

Yes. For Elementary they just have their main teacher section and linked Music and PE.

Interested in this as well, have districts that use Powerschool and Aspire and getting pushback from those admins who are not happy about creating a course for each subject in each SIS. Having the Homeroom synced and allowing teachers to make manual courses is an option, but allowing teachers to add students has proven to be a hot mess!

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