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Currently, when I try to post an announcement to a specific subject/course it only appears on the course card and within the schedule of that subject/course.  When I watched the update from Friday, I noticed Jeff's announcements were showing below the navigation menu. 


I thought it was because I did not have my setting to show 1 announcement checked, but when I went to do that I realized that setting does not exist in the Canvas for Elementary Settings.  I removed that specific course from our C4E subaccount, checked the box to allow 1 announcement, and then added it back to the sub-account and now it shows, but at the very top of my subject/course. 


So my question, is this something that is coming in the June 19th release, or have I set something up incorrectly? Is anyone else having this issue? Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated!  

I also want to add how much I LOVE this! I was an elementary teacher for 7 years and now I work in instructional technology and I have spent the last 3 years trying to convince our elementary teachers that Canvas can work for them.  Now, I can say Canvas was built for them! So, thank you!  




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Thank you for the kind words, @DeletedUser! We are thrilled to hear that you like what we are building and feel it will meet the needs of your teachers and students. And, yes, this really is being built just for them! 

The announcement location that you saw in Jeff's demo was in the beta environment. If you are to look at a subject in your beta instance and add an announcement it will appear in the same location as seen in last week's video update. You will also see this updated in your production instance with our upcoming deploy to production on June 9th. 

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