Teacher Feedback Identifiers on Schedule Tab

Would it be possible to have the teacher feedback automatically open up for students to view from the schedule tab. Looks like the only way for students to see that feedback on submitted items is to click on the carrot to open up the pane. There is nothing to indicate to a student that there is any feedback until they click on the carrot, which most students will not do as they do not know it is there and they will miss the feedback completely. This would be helpful for our young learners to be able to see. 

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I feel like the Schedule and the grade tabs both give partial information to the student. In the schedule tab, I like the the comment is right there and visible to the student. The Graded, Submitted, Missing flags are all helpful confirmations of assignment status, but the point value is the points possible and students need to open the assignment or go to grades to see their score. Since assignments are graded after the due date, students need to arrow back to see comments and status flags on prior assignments, and they may easily miss this information.


The grades page doesn't show the roll down option or the comment, rubric, etc icon that show up in regular Canvas. In this student's view I only see that a comment was left on the assignment from the schedule page and not from the grades page. If I click on the assignment title I see the comment, but it's small text on the side of the screen and really easy to miss. (I know Jody's working the assignment enhancement project as well which will hopefully make feedback easy to see). One of our teachers brought up how much they love rubrics and feedback to see those on the grades screen, maybe an icon that generates a popup window that displays the rubric and teacher-selected criteria. I know the desire is to keep the Grades page streamlined, but I do think we need to see improved visibility on the feedback teachers give like we see under Schedule.



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