Virtual Chat about new Canvas 4 Elem Experience

Canvas for Elementary Experience

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 12.58.48 PM.pngHi friends, our district (Beaverton) is looking for information on how other districts are implementing the new Canvas 4 Elem. user experience feature. We have questions and would love to throw around some ideas, listen to others and gain some insight.  We just want to learn, share and network. 

If you have time, please join us for a Zoom Video Chat.

Session 1: Monday, July 26, 11am PST

Session 2: Wednesday, July 28, 1pm PST

Zoom Info:

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Meeting ID: 899 8089 5526
Passcode: Canvas4Elm


Notes and the Agenda



Chris Giles

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@christopher_gil I'm planning to join you on Wednesday.

We went ahead and turned it on for our Elementary sub-account. We have something like 30 elementary schools in that sub-account. We offered training courses via Zoom over the summer that were actually very well attended. We plan on doing more trainings and videos about it for the first week the teachers are back. I modified our SIS import process to include the new homeroom column in the course.csv file so I am automatically marking the homeroom courses for the teachers. They will all get the same courses they have in our SIS system, so one for each subject area if they are self-contained. The departmentalized grade levels will get multiple courses but they can cross-list them into one course if they want. 

I have colleagues who will be attending.  I have a packed schedule, but will try to stop in.  Will it be recorded?

I will be at one of the syncs! Looking forward to hearing how others are implementing as well!

Is there a recording of yesterday's session?