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How do I view my grades in a current subject?

How do I view my grades in a current subject?

The Grades page in a course displays all current grades for all course assignments. You can also view scoring details, comments, and rubrics. If your instructor is using multiple grading periods, you can also filter grades by grading period.

If you have any courses that have concluded and are able to access their content, you can view those grades from any active course. You can also view concluded course grades from the Global Navigation Menu.

Note: Some details in the Grades page, such as scoring details and the total grade, may be restricted in your course.

Open Subject Grades

Open Subject Grades

From the Homeroom, click the Grades tab [1].

If allowed by your instructor, your total subject grades display [2].

To view grade details for a subject, click the subject name [3].

Note: If your instructor has hidden total subject grades, dashes display in place of the total subject grade [4].

View Subject Grades

If your institution has enabled grading periods, you can view grading periods using the Grading Period dropdown [1].

If allowed by your instructor, your overall subject grade displays [2].

To view assignment group totals, click the View Assignment Group Totals arrow [3].

By default, grades are sorted chronologically by assignment due date.

You can view the name of the assignment [4], the assignment due date [5], the assignment group [6], and your assignment score and total assignment points [7]. You may also view whether the assignment includes unread scoring details or comments [8].

A dash icon in the score column indicates grades have not been posted [9]. Once the assignment is graded, the icon will be replaced by your score.

The submission status displays below the assignment name [10].

View Grading Periods

View Grading Periods

If grading periods are enabled in your course, you can view your grades according to grading period. By default the Grades page displays the current grading period [1]. If an assignment does not include a due date, it will display as a part of the last grading period.

If your course includes weighted assignment groups, assignment groups may vary depending on which grading period you are viewing. An assignment group displays if the group has at least one assignment due in the selected grading period.

When grading periods are weighted and you select the All Grading Periods option [2], the weights of each grading period display.

View Assignment Groups

View Assignment Groups

Assignment groups allow instructors to organize assignments, discussions, and quizzes into groups and apply specific grading rules or weights to those groups. You can view the percentage score you've earned for each group [1]. If you have not been graded on assignments in an assignment group, a percentage does not display [2].

Note: Assignment group percentages may be restricted by your instructor.

Open Assignment

Open Assignment

To view scoring details and comments, click the assignment name.

View Assignment Details

The Assignment Details page displays assignment information and the assignment description [1].

If a rubric is being used to grade the assignment, a rubric displays [2].

Submission and scoring details display in the Submission sidebar [3].

If you are allowed to add a new submission to the assignment, the New Attempt button may display [4]. To submit a new attempt, click the New Attempt button.

To return to the subject, click the Back to Subject button [5].  

View Scoring Details

View Scoring Details

In the Submission sidebar, you can view the submission status [1] and submission date [2]. If your submission added after the due date, the submission date includes late text and displays in a red font [3].  

To view submission details, click the Submission Details link [4].

To download your submission, click the Download link [5].

You can view your grade [6] and whether or not the assignment was graded anonymously [7].

If a rubric was used to grade your submission, you can view your rubric evaluation by clicking the View Rubric Evaluation link [8].

If your instructor included grading comments, grading comments display [9].

View Rubric

If you selected to view the rubric evaluation, the Submission Details page displays.

If multiple graders used the rubric to score your assignment, you can view the rubric evaluation from a particular grader using the Show Assessment By dropdown menu [1].

The rubric displays rubric criteria [2], assigned ratings [3], awarded and total points for a criteria [4], and the total rubric score [5].

Note: The total rubric score may be restricted by your instructor.

View Late Submission

Your instructor may enforce an automatic late policy in your course.

Any assignments submitted after the due date display Late text below the assignment name [1].

The late policy automatically deducts a percentage of the grade from the total score. View your grade, the late penalty deduction, and the final grade [2].

View Grade Info

View Grade Info

If the assignment does not count toward the final grade, a message displays. You should still submit this assignment unless it has been excused by your instructor.

Change Gradebook

Change Gradebook

If the Learning Mastery Gradebook has been enabled for students, you can view your standards-based scores in the Learning Mastery tab.