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Important Dates - We want to hear from you!

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Hello all,

I want to first thank you for your participation in this community space. @peytoncraighill and I talk daily about how much we appreciate the feedback that we are getting from all of you as we work through the development of these new features. And, because that feedback is so valuable, we want to hear your thoughts about important dates as we prepare for development of this feature.

As you've heard, teachers will be able to designate calendar events as important dates so that they will show up for students in the right-hand column of their dashboard. Here's where we want your thoughts - is there a specific timeframe that you'd expect to see these dates filtered to? Some examples could be a month at a time, rolling for the upcoming two weeks, or a scrollable list for the year, but don't let this limit your thinking!  Let us know in a comment below what you think would work best and be most meaningful for your students and parents. 

Community Champion

I think the upcoming two weeks is a good option.

Community Participant

It might be helpful if there was some flexibility to choose when something appears on the calendar (immediately, a specific date in the future, or never).

Upper grade teachers may have larger projects (science fair, reports, etc) that they may want to be able to make sure are available for students to be aware of, but they also may not want to overwhelm them for every assignment for the same time frame.

Younger grade teachers may even have some items that they don't want on the calendar to help with keeping things simple.

Community Champion

@rebecca_esplin a similar discussion has come up in our district during virtual instruction. Students who have a longer period of time to work on a project only see it on their calendar on it's due date, but not when they should start working on it. While a teacher could post an event to act as a reminder, it's an extra thing they have to create in their course, rather than a setting on the assignment. I think having an item like that show up under Important Events would help to resolve that. My concerns around that important event list is 1) students/parents will see that list and think it's the a calendar view and includes everything, thereby missing assignments, etc, and 2) the training around best practices for when a teacher should flag an item as an important event. If they flag a majority of things that list becomes cluttered, and the unflagged items get missed (ie. see #1)

Community Member

Is there a way you could create a default time of the next week or two weeks, but also allow for some flexibility on the student end?  I know one of my personal children would be stressed to see more than a week at a time, but another one who would be stressed to see less than a week!

Community Participant

@audra_agnelly Agreed! The ability to note when something is assigned is important, not just when it is due. Then being able to differentiate between the two things is important as well. I know that due dates on the calendar has caused problems with some of our secondary teachers, students, and parents this year. There has been confusion about how the calendar worked. For our K-5 students (and some of our secondary students) need to know both when something was assigned and when it is due.