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Historically, learning management systems have catered to the needs of secondary and post-secondary schools. There are several reasons for this, but suffice it to say, elementary schools are different. Sometimes different problems require different solutions. The need for elementary-specific LMS solutions has become more and more apparent over time, so we've started work on a project to address that need via Canvas.

If we're going to be successful, we need your help. That's why this focus group exists! We'll use it to gather feedback, answer questions, share designs and project updates, and make work more fun. The group is invite-only right now because we want to keep it...focused. We'll have product managers, designers and engineers participating, and we've invited administrators from two dozen school systems to start as well. You can help us in the immediate term by identifying and inviting a few teachers from your school system who you think might be interested in bringing a classroom perspective to the project.

We're confident that we won't get everything right on our first try, but we want to adjust until we end up with a tool that's deeply useful, and we want to arrive there sooner than later.

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It is very exciting to be a part of this group and see where Canvas for the little kids can go!

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I am really excited to be here and to help in any way that I can!