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Online Submission: File Upload

When an online submission assignment is created, and "file upload" is chosen, our district has 10 options for submitting a file (because of some additional apps we have installed). This is very overwhelming for our younger learners K-5. It would be great if teachers were able to choose which file upload options they want students to have access to, instead of the whole list.

For example, I may have an assignment where I want students to simply pull something from their google drive. So I would only want that option to show. OR, there may be a time where I give them a choice in what they are doing--use Canvas studio, google drive, your webcam, or lucid press/chart to create a product. In that case, I would want them to have each of those options. The options I would want students to see would change often depending on what I want them to do. I would love the ability to choose each time which options show up instead of the default + added options from the district each time. I like the added options from the district because there are times where I would use them, but I don't want them displayed to students every time.


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