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Project Update - April 23

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This week Jody and I talk about a bunch of new stuff that was pushed to beta this week and will be in production next Wednesday (4/28).

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Is there a specific size you would recommend for the image on the course details that will work to provide a good banner when in the subject as well as the card image from the homepage? The recommended 262 pixels wide by 146 pixels high for the course card in the dashboard does not translate well as the banner.  Thank you!

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This is wonderful. Great to see how all the separate features (which I had only seen as printscreens) knit together.

So many things to like, paticularly the removal of clutter on the pages - love that the focus is on the learning (and the content).

The idea of a schedule personalised to each 'subject' works really well and the layout is very easy to follow. Although blank, the formatting and styling of global Grades looks exciting and am sure the grades local to each course will be similar.

Looking forward to seeing how modules looks with new styling and hope that we will see some more colour, font change and also a less hard-edged layout that we see with current design.

Got a question about resources. The button links to external tools is different from the printscreen we saw from before. In that printscreen there was a row of Important Links and Student Applications. Both sets of icons were big bright buttons students with large icons on them - some of which were the icons of the applications eg FlipGrid. Is it still possible to have this?

I am hugely appreciative, as am sure are many others, of the regular updates and the pace of this change. It is such an exciting time for Canvas for K5 (and beyond).

Many thanks to both of you and to the team.



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One of our early literacy specialists had some feedback on the course card font: All caps can be difficult for very young students to read. She did note that the cards/images are a good visual support.

I loved the comment about "knowing what things are published" and how you are working on that. It seems like a Settings tab for the homeroom might be helpful for that Publish button and also for the other "settings" related things like Student Applications (LTIs).