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Project Update - May 13

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This week the clapperboard snap is compressed by Zoom, and Jody and I talk about a bunch of new Canvas for Elementary stuff rolling to beta next Monday, May 17, and to production on May 26.

New noteworthy stuff:

  • Grades lists within subjects (this one's actually in prod as of yesterday)
  • Create subjects as a teacher from the dashboard
  • Unpublished homeroom notice
  • Sync subject enrollments from a homeroom
  • More font consistency
  • Reordering and hiding subject tabs
  • Launching Student View from a subject
  • Clearer toggling between subject viewing and subject managing
  • Declare homerooms on SIS import
  • Return dashboard to normal when elementary enrollments are concluded
Community Member

@peytoncraighill First of all, wonderful update as always.

You mentioned the Learning Mastery Gradebook which is really exciting since most of our elementary grade levels use standards-based grading and the LMG is a perfect fit for this.  The LMG is tied to outcomes.  However, right now the only way to tag an assignment with an outcome is to add a rubric.  For many assignments, adding a rubric seems like an unnecessary step.  Is there any way we could add a +Outcomes button with the +Rubric button on the Edit Assignment page so that teachers can add outcomes to any assignment quickly and easily?


If we wanted to go one step farther...having the LMG sync with the PowerSchool gradebook would be even more magical.  😁


Hi, @KatieLarimer,

We actually do have a project on our list of enhancements to be made for outcomes that will allow users to align both graded and non-graded content directly. We have a few other projects to complete prior to that work being done. You can watch our roadmap in the community for announcements of features to be released. 

As for the sync to PowerSchool from the Learning Mastery Gradebook, we know how helpful this would be for users, but do not have any current projects in the works and would need to partner with PowerSchool to accomplish this.